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Is Joel Corry Gay? A Close Look At His Sexuality!


Is Joel Corry Gay? English DJ, songwriter, and TV star Joel Corry is from the UK. Hayley May sang on his 2019 single “Sorry,” but she wasn’t credited in the official music video. The song reached number six on the UK Singles Chart.

“Lonely” and “Head & Heart” are two songs by Corry that came out in 2020. Both the second song, which has singing by MNEK, and Corry’s first appearance on the US Billboard Hot 100 spent six weeks at the top of the charts in their own countries.

Corry grew up listening to UK garage, which he called “huge in his development as a DJ and a producer.” People talk about DJ’s sexuality, and many of them think he is gay.

Is Joel Corry gay, then? Or do these stories have no truth to them? Let’s get right to the point and read the story to find out if the English DJ is gay or straight.

Who Is Joel Corry?

Joel Corry is an English DJ, producer, and TV presenter. His music and exercise careers have brought him fame and success. He is best known for his hit songs “Sorry,” “Lonely,” and “Head & Heart,” which all reached the top 10 of the UK songs Chart.

He used to be on the MTV reality show Geordie Shore and dated Sophie Kasaei while he was there. He is one of the famous people taking part in the new season of Strictly Come Dancing 2023. Here are more things you should know about him:

He was born in London, England, on August 11, 1973. When he was 13, he became a DJ and played at parties and bars in his area.

He has a personal training business, an app called Joel Corry PT, and a gym and leisurewear company called Most Rated, which is also the name of his own record label.

Is Joel Corry Gay

He loves weightlifting and working out, and he has been in a number of contests. He has also been on the cover of the magazine Men’s Health.

He meditates himself and shows others how to do it. He says it helps him keep his mind healthy and gives him ideas.

Is Joel Corry Gay?

Joel Corry is not gay. People have always thought he was gay because he supports the LGBTQ community and often works with queer acts to make big hits.

In an interview with Attitude magazine in October 2021, she was asked, “Given the success of the song “I Wish” in the UK, is there another LGBTQ artist you’d like to work with next?” Joel answered:

“I’m a big fan of both Olly Alexander and Sam Smith, and I’ve been in the studio with L Devine, who is a great singer and person. I’m willing to work with anyone who makes the studio feel good.”

When asked if he had ever played in a gay club, he said, “No.” in response to which Joel said:

“During lockdown, I was asked to DJ at the Attitude Pride At Home Festival, which was great. Now that things are getting back to normal, I hope to be at some Pride events in person this year. “Wow, they look great!”

Joel Corry talked about how singers who are not LGBTQ can show support for the LGBTQ community and work with LGBTQ artists from all over the community.

“I think one way would be to keep working with musicians, singers, writers, and producers from the LGBTQ community. It’s also important to keep learning and to use our platforms as much as we can to make LGBTQ voices heard.”

But being a friend to the LGBTQ community can’t tell you if someone is gay or straight. In Joel’s case, the fact that he has only dated women in the past is enough to show that he is straight.

Who is Joel Corry Dating?

Coco Lodge from Love Island is dating Joel Corry at the moment. Coco Lodge from Love Island and DJ Joel Corry have been dating in secret for months, but now they have made it official.

After an intense week in Ibiza, Joel, 34, and Coco, 28, who became known as a Casa Amor bombshell on the ITV2 show last year, posted two photos on social media.

Coco smiled in a picture with the singer of “Head & Heart” while he showed off his toned abs in a black bikini top and denim shorts.

In another picture, Joel is holding Coco, who caught the eye of Andrew Le Page last summer and became the Love Island phrase “I licked her tit or whatever” because she looked so beautiful in a figure-hugging dress.

Is Joel Corry Gay

They are said to have been dating since January, and Coco has gone with Joel to Las Vegas and Ibiza, where he is doing a show at Ibiza Rocks, so they can spend more time together.

Sophie Kasaei, 33, and the Brit-nominated DJ were together for six years before he broke up with her suddenly in 2017. The MTV star moved to Essex to be with Joel, but she moved back to Newcastle to be with him.

At the time, she said there was no bad blood between them. Andrew, who is now with Tasha Ghouri, spent a night alone with Coco during the summer season of Love Island the year before.

Take a Look at Joel Corry’s Career!

Corry had a recurring part on the MTV reality show Geordie Shore from 2012 to 2013, along with his then-girlfriend Sophie Kasaei. He made a short appearance on the show again in 2017. He also has a personal training business, an app called Joel Corry PT, and a gym and leisurewear company called Most Rated, which is also the name of his own record label.

In 2015, “Back Again” and “Light It Up” were his first songs. In 2017, he put out the songs “Just Wanna”, “All the Things”, “All Night”, “Sunlight”, and “Feel This Way”. In 2018, he came out with the songs “Hurt,” “All I Need,” “Only You,” “Good as Gold,” and “Fallen.” Our Culture Mag was the first site to play them.

In April 2019, he put out the single “Sorry,” which has lyrics by Hayley May that are not recognized. In July 2019, 41,000 people Shazammed the song in one day, which was a new record. The song was played on Love Island, a reality TV show on ITV2. The song reached the top of the UK Singles Chart at number six.


Meet Joel Corry, the English DJ and TV star who’s been making waves with his hit songs. While rumors have circulated about his sexuality, Corry’s relationships and openness clarify that he’s straight, not gay. Currently dating Coco Lodge from Love Island, Corry’s career showcases his versatility, from reality TV appearances to topping music charts. As he continues to thrive in his music and personal life, Corry proves that his success knows no bounds. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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