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The Role of Learning in the System of Online Games – Its Strengths and Weaknesses


In any online game, with a wide range of mechanics and activities that often need to be studied independently, the ability of the player himself to master all the criteria for success in an MMO RPG like World of Warcraft and other projects plays a big role.

The developers always provide internal game training, which almost constantly solves the problem of teaching the player to move correctly, to know the sources of experience and the first skills, but they absolutely do not teach the mechanics of the correct use of the strengths of each class, ways to earn a really large amount of gold, which will be enough for full equipment hero at every stage of the game. Not to mention builds for PVP and PVE, you have to study all this on your own, read guides or seek help from a professional Skycoach coach.

What is game learning

Training is an interaction with a professional from SkyCoach, who helps the player figure out the optimal class for the game, teaches farming and PVP techniques with various enemies, works out tactics of behavior in battle and reveals all the strengths of the hero and teaches him to understand weaknesses.

The trainer teaches how to properly form actual builds and tells the main mechanics and criteria of how to adjust the combination of skills, taking into account patches, fixes and other pleasant and not very bright moments of changing your hero, because a class can suffer both gains and, vice versa, a complete weakening of all potential, but even under such conditions, you can play effectively if you know all your capabilities.

For example, in Lineage 2, the developers at one point played so hard with the balance for magical classes that they made them as vulnerable to physical damage as possible and not even capable of a couple of seconds of combat in specialized equipment. Creative players and professional coaches solved the problem outside the box – they began to use heavy armor on magic classes, which gave magic groups a chance to exist and even defeat the most powerful opponents.

What a Professional Coach Can Teach

A good coach can teach you not only how to get the right information about strengthening your hero and how to use all the techniques and mechanics, but also be able to independently analyze the reasons for such a choice.

Hero choice

It is necessary to proceed from your personal qualities and aspirations in the game plan.

All players who want a bright and recognizable game and fame on the server often choose magicians, archers, sometimes daggers.

These are the brightest representatives of the attacking type, with interesting gameplay that requires good equipment and the accumulation of a skill level to implement all the pros and cons.

Players who come to succeed, but are not ready to take on the responsibility of being in front of everyone, often choose supports – tanks, buffers, healers. Important professions without which the success of the best group on the server would be impossible.

Stable and calm players, with a share of pragmatism, choose tanks, because they are needed in any serious fight, and combat protection allows you to feel confident on the battlefield, in addition, the image of a warrior in armor often becomes a selection criterion for many players.

A good coach, including the Skycoach mentor, will instruct you to choose the best class for you to play, taking into account your wishes and requirements, and will tell you to change the main character if you do not get the maximum pleasure from the process, or do not reveal your potential in this role.

Main mechanics

Each class has its own basic mechanics and, in addition, must understand the principles of the game project itself in order to be able to farm, equip your hero, gain experience and, most importantly, win local and global victories in battles, which is what any gameplay in most game projects boils down to.

For mages, this is often a simplified pumping through strong AoE attacks with constant monitoring of the mana level, so that there is enough for a full procast and control over the health and number of monsters, since magic armor is not able to provide the class with resistance despite one of the strongest types of damage.

Archers, on the other hand, can deal high damage from great distances and prevent the enemy from even getting close to him with high rates of attack speed, critical damage and constant generation of traps that will limit the movement of enemies.

Daggers also have interesting gameplay – a class that, like a mage, can inflict huge damage, but also die at the same speed.

The hero constantly fights behind enemy lines, killing supports with strong physical damage and applying negative effects.

This class is suitable for people with a certain temperament and the role of a coach, including the identification of such inclinations.

If you act recklessly, and not filigree, then instead of high damage, many killed enemies and pleasure, you can get strong nerves from failures and, as a result, the class is completely excluded from the list of favorite heroes for the game. In general, try to always look for additional information about your class at the earliest opportunity.

Skills and equipment

As a rule, all modern online projects give the player variations in the development of his skills and several types of key equipment that can be found and put on your character for a strong boost at this stage of the hero’s development.

The coach should not only tell about all the main skills of the selected class, but also explain the principle of combining skills into similar builds so that the player can analyze and select skills on their own, understanding the general logic, which, by the way, is often the same for all MMO RPGs.

With equipment, the issue is solved easier in terms of understanding how to get it, but more difficult in actually getting it.

To do this, you need to go to raids and engage in crafting, and the trainer advises raids, teaches you to select characters in your group if you form a squad yourself and analyze the assembled squad in order to understand with a greater degree of probability whether you will succeed or lose. Adventurism is a good thing, but it is better to immediately understand the potential risks.

It is better to aim for legendary equipment, which gives bonuses to the main characteristics and high defense indicators, but is obtained, as a rule, in mythical raids.

Cons of coaching in online games

A good coach always makes training systemic, thoughtful and constantly corrects progress along the way, which causes a strong relaxation effect for some players and without constant instructions they stop succeeding, and they quickly begin to lose interest in the project due to the sharply increased level of complexity. and unwillingness to grow on their own.

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