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Where Can You Buy Trident Ships in Starfield?


Where Can You Buy Trident Ships in Starfield? The Trident stands out in the vast universe of Starfield, which is full of different ships ready to be explored and used. It is a sign of wealth and luxury in the middle of the infinite space.

As you travel through the game’s world, the Trident ships are more than just cars; they’re statements with a beautiful look that will capture any space traveler. Players should want to own one of these beautiful ships just by looking at them.

Even though these Trident ships look very appealing, Starfield hasn’t said anything about how to get them. It’s up to the player to find their way along this road and figure out how to get a Trident ship.

The appeal is strong, and the fact that they were bought in a mysterious way adds to their attractiveness. To figure out what’s going on, you have to go on your own journey within the game, or you could look for the answers here, where help is waiting for those who want to make a statement in the cosmic seas.

Where Can You Buy Trident Ships in Starfield?

At the time this was written, you couldn’t buy a Trident ship, which is very disappointing for people who like to gather ships. Go to the Trident Luxury Lines Staryards, which is in space above Akila.

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This is where the ships in the game are made. But talking to the people there and trying to find one to buy will lead to bad things. It’s not possible to buy a Trident Ship in the game.

Remember to take part in some of the other things the Trident Staryard has to offer, such as the tasks below:

  • The Drydock Blues
  • Fueling Greatness

There is also a reward Clearance Computer that you can use to get rid of any reward your character has. You can also look for a Mission Board to get extra tasks.

Where Can You Buy Trident Ships in Starfield

You can’t buy a Trident Ship here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one. It will just have to be done in a slightly less legal way.

You can turn into a pirate and take the Trident Ship if you see it flying around in the game world. Just do what you normally do, which is to call a ship, get on board, and take control of it violently. This will let you take the ship and lead it as your own.

Two things are wrong with this, though:

  • First, the Freestar Collective will pay you a lot of money to steal this ship. People will be looking for you whenever you go into Freestar Collective space, and they won’t stop until you pay off your reward, which could cost a lot of money.
  • Second, the ships that are moving around in a system when you warp into it are completely random. It might be very, very long before you find a Trident Ship that you can take over. Even then, you don’t know what other ships are out there that could fight back. You just can’t be sure that you’ll find one of these ships somewhere safe.

It’s easy to try not to worry about getting a Trident Ship because of this. To avoid this, just be careful as you go about your daily life. You might finally get lucky and find a space traveler who doesn’t know what’s coming and gives up without a fight. Just don’t try to hunt these ships for hours and hours. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more game-related Tips and Tricks.

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