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How To Find The Starborn Trader in Starfiels?


How To Find The Starborn Trader in Starfield? Players will have an exciting journey as they travel the stars in “Starfield’s” expansive world in pursuit of discovery and adventure. Players are drawn in by more than simply the stunning views of space; they are also kept interested by the narrative’s complex tapestry of characters and events.

One thing is certain: the game is full of surprises at every turn, whether you’re piloting your spacecraft across new territory, looking for the next spectacular adventure, or just enjoying a leisurely stroll through the busy streets of New Atlantis.

Finding the mysterious Starborn Trader is one of the most exciting interactions that players may have and a very helpful one. The character’s exclusivity to the New Game Plus universe, however, adds an additional level of difficulty and excitement to the gameplay.

One of the most skilled and resourceful traders in the whole game, the Starborn Trader is famous for providing players with one-of-a-kind and priceless trade chances. Here is a guide to assist players in navigating the convoluted routes that lead to the location of the Starborn Trader in order to make the hunt for this elusive figure more approachable.

Keep your eyes open and your senses alert as you set out on your trip across “Starfield,” as the cosmos is brimming with mysteries and riches just waiting to be uncovered.

Who Is The Starborn Trader?

An NPC by the name of Mysterious Captain may be discovered in New Game Plus and is the Starborn Trader. She is uncommon and will only say she is rooting for you when you locate her in the standard version of the game, which is interesting.

How To Find The Starborn Trader in Starfiels?

During a typical playing, you are unable to purchase anything from her. Speaking with the person reveals that they are a Starborn who has chosen to wander the cosmos and trade goods with travelers rather than attempting to reach Unity. She will provide special goodies for the player to buy and utilize. She is designated as a vital NPC and cannot be eliminated because of this. You are not allowed to enter her ship at all.

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Where Can I Find The Starborn Trader?

You won’t find this NPC’s exact location if you’re looking for it. She is a chance meeting that may occur whenever you Grav Jump. The systems listed below are only a few locations where gamers have reportedly seen this enigmatic NPC flying around, according to Reddit. Remember that these are only a few of the locations where she has been located.

  • Bannoc
  • Celebrai
  • Decaran
  • Vulpes Delta
  • Feynman
  • Heisenberg
  • Maal
  • Nikola

Even though this is a chance encounter, there are things you can do to improve your odds of running into the Starborn Trader. You must be ready to spend your Gravity to search for and purchase her stuff if you truly want to have a shot. Jump around a lot.

She appears to be a random space encounter, therefore it would appear that hopping from system to system is the quickest method to discover her. Although she has been located by several players in Feynman close to Feynman I, don’t assume that’s where she spawns.

Trader Bugs from Starborn!

Sadly, it appears that many gamers have been experiencing problems with flaws related to this trader. Some Reddit users have stated that after buying anything from her, it loses its original qualities. Before being purchased, several of the things in her shop have also lost their qualities. There is currently no known method of fixing these problems.

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