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This is the Cheapest City In Florida To Consider If You Are Moving To Live In!


Florida is well known for its beach and expensive property. If you are moving to Florida owing to a job or some other reason, then you must be shocked by checking out the price list. Many think that location is the primary factor when you are buying a house, but budget is the hidden factor and the major driver of all your decisions.

This blog post is for all those relocators and house-buyers who don’t want to go broke or be house-poor when they move to Florida. Here is the list of the most affordable cities to give a shot if you want to feel the Latin American vibes and live the American Dream Life.

The Cheapest Cities in Florida


This city is perfect for everyone who is looking for a budget buy. Retirees, young couples, and families have this city on their top priority list when moving. The low cost of living combined with the natural escape of the mighty Gulf Coast are just some of the luring factors.  Due to its proximity to Port Charlotte and Venice, the residents have tonnes of entertainment and shopping facilities.

The cuisine is diverse and gives a perfect dining experience every time you step out to grab a bite. Myakka River is another highlight of this city. Go fishing, kayaking, and rafting with your buddies or families, and enjoy the Florida life to the best. This is the best city if you don’t want to break the bank and live life to the fullest.


If you want to wake up with a view of the ocean, and beautiful islands, then Cape Coral is best for you. The city lies on a peninsula and is known for its exquisite canal works. The city is best for those who want to buy a waterfront property. The gorgeous Sanibel and Captiva Islands plus the low cost of living, and mouth-watering delicacies all prompt you to move here in an instant.

Go golfing, clubbing, surfing anytime you like as all those opportunities are just out of your front door. According to statistics, nearly 80% of the people living here are homeowners, while only 20% rent.


The cost of living in this city is the lowest among all the cities across the Atlantic. If you are lucky, you can even spot a rocket blasting off from Port Canaveral where NASA has its rocket facilities. Dolphins, Manatees, and many fascinating life forms await you in the Indian River that flows from here. There are many peaceful areas of the city and lovely neighborhoods with reasonably priced homes. The farmers’ market and the fish market provide the basic supplies to the town along with the several shopping complexes here.


The city is known for its Scottish heritage and  Honeymoon Island State Park. The downtown area features several excellent breweries, excellent restaurants, and fantastic stores. In addition, Edgewater Park and the charming downtown marina are great places to launch kayaks or unwind while taking in the views of the surrounding water.

The real estate market is gaining momentum here and this is the best time to buy a house and live the beach life. Park your kayak right at the back of your house and have a nice swim when you feel to do so. It is not just about finding the cheapest living space, it is about balancing the cost and accessibility. 

These towns are all close to lots of entertaining activities and each has something unique to offer. Whether you like to explore nature, go to theme parks, unwind at the beach, go shopping, go fishing, or just live the boat life. Most people should be able to strike a balance between cost and convenience so they can maintain a high standard of living in Florida.

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