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Overcoming Procrastination: Strategies for Academic Success


Procrastination can catch us anywhere as we are facing a complex academic task or wish to watch another episode of our favorite TV series and then finish it all somehow. In reality, however, our brain tells us that we cannot find a solution right away, or our consciousness gives certain hints about better doing something else. The worst part about procrastination is that it never poses itself as a problem, which quickly becomes a habit of putting things off and getting lazy. Luckily, there are helpful strategies that can lead to academic success and keep us disciplined as we focus on the journey, not the destination!

Fighting Procrastination: Strategies for Academic Success 

  • Working With an Outline. 

Procrastination usually happens when a student needs help determining where to begin or spends too much time narrowing things down. The best strategy for academic success is to use an outline for any tasks you must manage. If outlines are new to you, consider asking WritingUniverse experts for ghostwriting help, as it’s better to see how it’s done once than trying to read about it! When you have an outline containing your thesis statement and information for each relevant part, you spend less time and can remain focused, thus avoiding procrastination.

  • Learning to Use Drafts. 

Another important lesson you have to learn as a student aiming for academic success is the practice of using drafts. As you learn how to write down all the necessary information for each task, you will actually save more time in the long run. A good draft will help you keep within mental limitations and avoid the risk of your ideas jumping from paragraph to paragraph without a clear concept. When you have your draft, you can easily pick out the best parts and eliminate repetitions or parts that sound weak or insignificant to you!

  • Technology and Taking Notes. 

If you need help with taking notes or wish to save some precious time, using an app called Dragon Dictation will help you achieve academic success more easily. The trick is to keep track of your findings and convert your audio recordings to text, so you can copy them later and have it all in one place. The same is true for using an app called EverNote, which will always keep you alert of upcoming deadlines and exams. There is a solid reason why these two are so popular among college students!

  • Group Projects and Cooperation.

Another good way to overcome the risks of procrastination is to participate in group projects and learn how to listen and deliver your message. This way, you remain responsible and complete your parts on time without hurting others. You can explore essay writing tips to see how to connect your work with someone else or ensure that your citations are used correctly. Learn how to improve your social skills, and always keep the faith as you work with others! Your confidence is important and will show as you talk to people.

  • Editing and Proofreading Aloud. 

Most students tend to ignore this part of work and think that editing is not something they should care about. As we hurry to submit our assignments faster, we often risk it and get poor grades. Start with your editing first and check for readability without focusing on grammar. Once done, continue with the grammar and style check as you think of punctuation and spelling. Do so aloud, as it will help you to see how it sounds. It will help you save time and ensure your paper is accessible.

Physical Activity and Keeping Yourself Hydrated!

Although these two factors are not obvious when overcoming the procrastination problem, they are still related. Most modern students spend too much time sitting in front of a computer screen or texting on mobile to find certain sources and social media posts. It raises the problem of not drinking enough to let the brain work. The same is true about posture issues and eye strain, leading to faster exhaustion and fatigue. It is often mistaken for procrastination when we simply need to do some stretching exercises, get outside, and drink a cup of tea, juice, or simple drinking water. Our creative and cognitive skills also improve when our brain keeps itself hydrated. So, when you feel like putting things off the next time, consider drinking a cup and getting into some physical activity. This way, you will feel refreshed and always remain on the positive side of life!

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