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Sujatha eliminated from Bigg Boss 4 Telugu in 5th elimination vote

Host Nagarjuna shocked everyone by sending Gangavva from Bigg Boss House. Moreover, he won the hearts of everyone by saying that he would build a house for Gangavva. Saturday’s 35th episode ended somewhat emotionally when all the housemates sent Gangavva out crying and in pain. However, Sunday’s 36th episode ran with full of fun. Nagarjuna turned the day into a fun filled episode. However, again eventually the show went into serious mode.

While there were 9 people in the elimination this week, Gangava was eliminated due to ill health. While leaving she saved Akhil and left. Sohail was also saved. In all, there were seven in the elimination process as of Sunday. Monal, Abhijeet, Amma Rajasekhar, Jordar Sujatha, Lasya, Noel, Ariana. Jordar Sujatha was eliminated today.

Amma Rajasekhar and Jordar Sujatha were left in the process of elimination. Nagarjuna said that they were given the task of breaking the ice bar and dig a photograph from it. Sujatha’s name was in the photograph when the two broke the ice bar. With this she came out of the house.

Earlier, Nagarjuna, who made a stunning entry with the song ‘Pranamam’ from ‘Janata Garage’, greeted the housemates on TV as soon as he arrived. Then immediately started a fun game with them. Housemates were made to play dumb charades. Each contestant has to come and draw a chit and read the name of the movie in it as well as show it to the camera and show it with gestures. Another contestant should name the movie based on those gestures. Also, tell which housemate the film is aimed at. This game went with a lot of fun.

The game is named after the movie ‘World Famous Lover’. Nagarjuna asked the housemates who the title would go to. Immediately everyone said Abhijeet. After that a romantic song was sung for Abhijeet. Abhijeet selected Ariyana to dance to the song. With this, Ariyana felt over-excited. While dancing with Abhijeet, she was overjoyed.

Overall it was a fun-filled episode for fans. Sujatha’s elimination was predicted by Crossover99 based on vote count as fans wanted to vote her out.

  1. D.VINOD GOUD says

    My vote is abijith and kumarsai not a mehaboob.sohel and mehaboob and akhil is the most vest persons in house

    1. Pari says

      S miru correct cheparu

  2. Mahesh says

    Please save Abhi and Harika

    1. Pari says

      I’m always support abhijit

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