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Shehnaaz Gill calls Sidharth Shukla a TRP King, says many people watch Bigg Boss 14 for his presence

It has been a week since Bigg Boss 14 started, and one of the highlights of this season is the presence of ‘Seniors’, which includes Hina Khan (Bigg Boss 11) and Gauhar Khan (‘Bigg Boss 8’) besides the previous season’s winner Sidharth Shukla. These three stars have been extremely popular during their respective seasons, and thus the interest in the show remains due to their presence in this season. Shehnaaz Gill who is fondly called “Katrina Kaif of Punjab” has opened up her view on BB 14 and Sidharth Shukla’s presence in this season.

In a recent interview, Shehnaaz has said, “Nothing is visible in the show. I am watching this show only because of Siddharth Shukla. I will not watch Bigg Boss 14 after Sidharth comes out of the show.” . As long as he is at home, I will see, not later. Siddharth is playing well in the show. His comedy is looking good. He is flirting with girls. People judge him. But I know his motives always been noble. ”

Talking about the contestants further, Shehnaz says, “I am following this season. I think slowly everyone’s real faces will come out. Whatever you try to be sweet and good, but Bigg Boss lets you bring out the real side. This show tests your patience. So far all the contestants of season 14 are seen confused. They have no vision, stand. They are dependent on seniors. The wrong thing is that freshers are not playing their game. There is no competition in the show. In our season, from the beginning to the end all the contestants went to give their best. The present contestants do not want to do anything. ”

Shehnaaz further advises the contestants, “Bigg Boss has brought these seniors for some reason. Siddharth is TRP King. Because of Siddharth, the show left a lot going on. I am sure many people are Siddharth’s Because of this, they are watching the show. Contestants from season 14 say that seniors will play when they go. If I were in this season, I would not blindly follow the senior. I would do things according to my stinging injury. Contestants are advised to exist, fight, fight like a lion. Play your game, learn to take the stand of another. “

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