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Bigg Boss 14 Vote Results: Shehzad vs Jaan Kumar for Elimination This Week?

Bigg Boss 14 is off to a lukewarm start as the seniors and juniors concept did not take off as expected. Bigg Boss 14 hoped for stellar contestants like Siddharth Shukla, Gauahar Khan, and Hina Khan to spice up things in the house. Unfortunately, it has turned into a shoddy show with rigged formats when it comes to elimination.

Bigg Boss eliminated Sara Gurpal as the first contestant to be evicted in Bigg Boss 14. The power to eradicate was handed over to the ‘seniors’ and not to the audience.
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The new format did not go down well with the audience. The makers were quick to note this and planned a short voting window on the Voot app for online voting.

The voting lines for the second elimination of Bigg Boss 14 will close at 11:30 PM on Friday, 16th October 2020. Five contestants are nominated for elimination this week.
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Bigg Boss 14 Elimination Nomination List Week 2

  • Abhinav Shukla
  • Jaan Kumar Sanu (Danger)
  • Jasmin Bhasin
  • Rubina Dilaik (Safe)
  • Shehzad Deol

Bigg Boss Season 14 Live Voting Results from Day 2 Second Elimination

Rubina Dilaik – 34% votes

Jasmin Bhasin – 21% votes

Shehzad Deol – 17% votes

Abhinav Shukla – 16% votes

Jaan Kumar Sanu – 12% votes

Who Will Be Safe From Elimination This Week?

  • Rubina and Jasmin Bhasin will be safe from eviction this week.

Who is in Danger of Elimination This Week?

  • Abhinav and Jaan Kumar Sanu are in danger of eviction this week.

Bigg Boss 14 Online Voting Results For Second Elimination – 15th October 2020

Will Shehzad Deol Be Evicted?

Though Abhinav Shukla and Jaan Kumar Sanu are trailing in terms of audience votes, Shehzad Deol has earned the wrath of the audience. His fake attitude and character made him very little appreciation from the audience. With Rubina forcing him to apologize for his slang, his popularity is taking a beating. The chances of Shehzad Deol getting evicted are high, considering Jaan Kumar is a celebrity’s son.
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Is double Eviction Possible?

According to reports, there is a possibility of double eviction in Bigg Boss 14 this week. With the two female contestants safe in terms of vote share, the limelight shifts to Shehzad, Abhinav, and Jaan Kumar Sanu. If there is a double eviction this weekend based on audience voting results, host Salman Khan could evict Abhinav and Shehzad.

shehzad and jaan kumar sanu bigg boss 14

Rubina Leads the Way 

There were no surprises at the top of the audience voting results. Rubina Dilaik made the utmost use of her charisma and grit to win the hearts of the audience. Rubina leads by a whopping votes count and will be safe this week. Will Rubina sustain her form in Bigg Boss 14?


Bigg Boss 14 Vote Online

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