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Everything About Carson Grill, 15-year-old ‘Kid’preneur Who Struck a Deal With Blake for $200K!

‘Shark Tank’returns with its 12th season. The incredible sharks, Lori, Mark, Daymond, and Kevin and three guest sharks, will be hungry this season to strike some ‘cash-rich’ deals. The first episode of Shark Tank Season 12 featured some interesting products and entrepreneurs. However, the episode’s highlight was the 15-year-old ‘kid’preneur who stole the sharks’ hearts and a stellar deal from Guest Shark Blake Mycoskie for $200,000 for 17% of his establishment, ‘ TouchUp Cup.

Who is Carson Grill?

Carson Grill is the 15-year-old ‘kid’preneur who completed his eighth grade. Carson Grill will enter freshman year this year, and the whiz kid is already an inventor with multiple patents to his name.

Carson Grill Hometown

Carson Grill hails from Cincinnati, United States. His business ‘ TouchUp Cup’ is also operated from his hometown.

Carson Grill Father

Carson Grill’s father is Jason Grill. Jason Grill is an ex-mariner who works in the healthcare industry.

Carson Grill Start TouchUp Cup Story

Carson Grill owns TouchUp Cup along with his father, Jason Grill. The product solves a major problem for the paint industry. Carson Grill owns multiple patents that support the design and implementation of the TouchUp Cup. A couple of years ago, Carson was doing some touch-up painting as apart of his chores. Carson was assisting his dad, and their old paint cans in their closet were filled with rust, lumps, and nauseating smell. Paint is an expensive commodity, and the father-son duo had their ‘eureka moment’ right there.

Carson felt the need for a better solution, and hence, he came up with Touch Up Cup for Paint, which allows efficient paint storage. Eventually, Carson Grill built his business from his garage along with his father. Right now, TouchUp Cup has a presence in 4,000 locations and has a private label partner.

Carson Grill Start TouchUp Cup Shark Tank Deal

The call for auditions for Shark Tank Season 12 was a ‘make or break’ moment for the ‘kid’preneur from Cincinnati. Carson was nervous and freaked out considering the viewership and platform which Shark tank is, revealed his father. “He wasn’t thinking about that, he was thinking about going out, doing a great job, and that’s exactly what he did. So, I’m just really proud of him.”, said Jason Grill in an interview.

Carson entered the Tank with amazing courage and optimism. Carson was looking for $150,000 for a 10% stake in TouchUp Cup. Carson received lucrative offers from Daymond and the guest shark, Blake. Daymond stepped out of the deal as he lowered his valuation, considering the father and son duo are not full time with TouchUp Cup. Blake’s initial offer was $200K for a 25% stake. However, Carson Grill was a strong negotiator and brought down the deal to $200K for 17%!

Carson was seeking $150K for 10%, but Blake offered him $200K for 25%. After a series of bargains, the kid gets a deal at $200K for 17%. What’s more, in the episode, Kevin even asks him to drop out and work full-time. Well, obviously, Carson can’t do that!

Carson was a role model to look forward to the ‘kid’preneurs out there who can carve out a future for themselves from a show like Shark Tank.


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