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Bigg Boss 14 TRP Updates: Is Bigg Boss 14 the Most Successful Season of BB Hindi So Far?

Bigg Boss 14 is off to an average start. With high expectations about the season’s theme, ‘Ab Scene Paltega,’ the audience prefers the older format by leaps and bounds. The contestants’ shoddy display struggled to make their presence felt in front of their seniors, and too much limelight for the seniors irked the audience. It was expected that Siddharth Shukla’s presence will add some spice to the BB14 proceedings but too much of ‘Sid drama.’

The makers of Bigg Boss 14 realize that the ‘Seniors saga’ needs to draw a close as soon as possible as the audience are losing faith in this season’s proceedings. The audience is not happy with the tasks, and the lack of sportive spirit is visible at large. However, the TRPs of the show are also a major reflection of the same.

The Bigg Boss 14 Grand premiere was one of the worst in many seasons. The activity of stamping ‘rejected’ on the contestants’ head and the BBQ tasks were utterly disappointing. Salman Khan was not at his best either. This reflected in the TRP results for the BB14 grand premiere which was considerably lesser than Bigg Boss 13.

Also, the weekday episodes’ TRP are grossing at 1.2 on an average. Considering the competition from IPL and other major entertainment shows, Bigg Boss 14 is yet to prove that it is the boss of reality entertainment in India. Meanwhile, regional Bigg Boss versions, Bigg Boss 4 Telugu and Tamil are recording highest ever TRPs.

It is a make or breaks situation for the Bigg Boss 14 makers as a couple of weeks with lackluster content is making them feel the pressure. Also, there was no audience voting for the first elimination which was not a good decision considering the audience engagement.

Will Bigg Boss 14 shatter the TRP records of the previous season? We hope so, but with the current quality of content and change in telecast timings, it is hard to deduce.

Bigg Boss 14 TRP

BB14 Grand Premiere (Sat) – 2.0 Sun episode – 2.2 Weekend Avg TRP – 2.1

BB14 Weekdays Avg TRP – 1.2 (BB13 Grand Premiere TRP – 2.7 Weekdays – 1.5)

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