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Green Snake Ending Explained: Is Verta in A Position to Defeat Fahai?

Green Snake (literal Chinese title: The Teal/Green Snake) is a Hong Kong fantasy film directed by Tsui Hark that was released in 1993. The film is based on Lilian Lee’s novel of the same name.

The story is told from the perspective of Xiaoqing, the Green Snake, who generally plays a supporting role behind the main character Bai Suzhen, the White Snake, in Lillian Lee’s adaptation of the Chinese folk tale Madame White Snake. The film also stars Xiaoqing as the main character, as the title suggests.

Roles and Cast

green snake ending explainedGreen Snake by Maggie Cheung
White Snake by Joey Wong
Monk Fat-hoi Vincent Zhao
Hsui Xien Chan Dung-Mooi Wu Hsing-kuo
Blind Monk Lau Kong
Bharata Natyam dancer Nagma (as Najma)
Spider Tien Feng, Indian Priestess Acrcha Sridevi, and Ashayla Ma Cheng-miu

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Who Was The Masked Man in The Green Snake Ending?

The mask allows a person to project their desired image. Blanca’s spirit, it appears, secretly wishes to be like her. To allow Verta to depart Asura City, the guy eventually sacrifices himself and transforms into one of the ethereal entities.

Verta gathers the parts of her sister’s hairpin from the museum where Fahai’s tower once stood at the end of Green Snake. The hairpin becomes whole again when she lays the human flute bone among the fragments, signifying that the masked man is a reincarnation of Blanca.

Verta does indeed locate Blanca. Verta is greeted by a female voice at the end of Green Snake. Her eyes brighten up when she turns around. She greets the last reincarnation of her sister with joyful tears. Verta is obsessed with Blanca, and Blanca is obsessed with Verta. Blanca has searched for her sister for many lifetimes. They can now be together again.

Verta overcame Fahai and knocked his tower down. She fought him nonstop for 20 years, losing all but one of their battles. Fahai sends her back to Asuraville whenever she loses. But she returns to face him right away.

Meanwhile, the ghostly monsters and the rest are kept at bay by the man who looks like Blanca. Verta returns to Asuraville of her own free will when she ultimately triumphs. Blanca is likely to be set free following his victory and the consequent destruction of the tower. Verta returns to Asuraville after a long absence and discovers a new tower. It also includes a museum that houses all of the artifacts discovered there.

Synopsis of The Green Snake Plot

green snake ending explained

Verta and Blanca square fight against Fahai in the beginning of the film, but the latter reveals to be far more powerful than they are. Blanca’s magical bone hairpin snaps, trapping her under the monk’s tower.

Blanca asks Verta not to despise the child’s father as she leaves her infant child with her. Verta, on the other hand, is not that generous. Before handing the child to him, she criticises the child’s father’s fragility and failure to protect the lady he claims to love.

When she tries to attack Fahai again, he transports her to Asuraville, a city that exists outside of the reincarnation cycle, space, and time.

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Asuraville appears to be a dystopian version of a modern metropolis, populated by people, demons such as Verta and Rakshasas, ghosts, and ox-head and horse-face sects. Verta quickly discovers that souls who have clung to any sort of obsession are trapped in Asuraville.

They can only return to the reincarnation cycle once they have let go of their addiction. Verta’s obsession is Blanca, and she is adamant about keeping the lovely memories she and Blanca have created together.

A pool can be found beneath the fox demon’s workshop. It serves as an exit point from Asuraville. However, in order to journey through it, one must give up their obsession. When Verta reached the pool earlier, she noticed Blanca. However, the mystery figure failed to notice anyone. His obsession, like his memory, is veiled.

Verta and the guy eventually return to the workshop to ask the fox demon if there is any way to get out of Asuraville with their fixation. She explains that the city is formed like a snake, with its head and tail almost touching. A bridge can grow out of the tail on occasion. It allows one to leave Asuraville without having to leave their fixation behind.

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