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Rebel Wilson Net Worth: Why Did She Relocate To Los Angeles in 2011?

Rebel Wilson Net Worth: Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson is an actor, comedian, writer, singer, and producer from Australia. Wilson began acting as Toula in the SBS comedy series Pizza (2003–2007, 2019) and later in the sketch comedy series The Wedge (2006–2007) after graduating from the Australian Theatre for Young People in 2003.

She starred in the musical comedy series Bogan Pride, which she wrote, produced, and starred in (2008). Wilson appears in the comedy flicks Bridesmaids and A Few Best Men, both in 2011, shortly after coming to the United States.

How Rebel Wilson Lived Early Life?

Rebel Wilson Net Worth

Melanie Elizabeth Wilson, who was born on March 2, 1980, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, was determined to make it in show business. Her parents both worked as experienced dog handlers, and she grew up in the Kenthurst suburbs.

She attended the Tara Anglican School for Girls, where she earned her Higher School diploma in 1997, placing second in the state for Food Technology with a score of 99.3. Her teachers pushed her to participate in the Tournament of Minds, which helped her get out of her cocoon.

She received a 99.3 on her Higher School Certificate in 1997, including second place in the state in Food Technology. Wilson joined the debate team, and a teacher encouraged her to compete in the Tournament of Minds, which she credits with allowing her to break out of her shell.

Wilson used to work at a theatre in Castle Hill, but she left after patrons recognized her after seeing her first film, Fat Pizza.

She was a Rotary International youth ambassador for Australia for one year, during which time she contracted malaria in South Africa. She has spoken of malaria-induced hallucinations in which she saw herself as an Oscar-winning actress, persuading her to pursue a career in acting.

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What About Rebel Wilson’s Personal Life?

Rebel Wilson Net Worth

Launched Plus-size T-shirt Collection

Wilson released a plus-size T-shirt collection in 2013 that featured images of donuts and cupcakes and was named after her The Wedge character “Fat Mandi.” Following a collaboration with Torrid, Wilson launched the Rebel Wilson x Angels plus-size clothing line in 2017.

From September 2012 to September 2015, Wilson and her Bridesmaids co-star, British actor Matt Lucas, lived together in West Hollywood.

Supported Stricter American Gun Laws

Following the 2015 Lafayette shooting, Wilson stated in July 2015 that she supports stricter American gun laws, saying, “I try to avoid getting political, but America needs to follow Australia’s lead on gun laws.

Since Australia’s gun laws were overhauled, I don’t recall seeing a mass shooting. There seems to be a shooting every week in America. I just want everyone to be safe, especially those who are doing one of my favorite things in the world: going to the movies.”

Buy Sydney Harbourside Home

Wilson bought her Sydney harbourside home for $3.75 million in 2014. The freestanding Victorian house was renovated for $900,000 in the 1900s. Wilson also chose a Balmain investment apartment, a historic mansion conversion.

The terrace home, which was inspired by New York, took three years to complete. Wilson bought the two-bedroom apartment off the plan for $1.88 million in 2015. Wilson is a supporter of the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams.

Decided To Freeze Her Eggs

Wilson decided to freeze her eggs as her 40th birthday approached, which fueled her efforts to make healthy lifestyle changes. Wilson has a polycystic ovarian syndrome and, as a result of the pressures of fame, suffers from emotional eating.

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Rebel Wilson Career Life

Rebel Wilson Net Worth

Her performance in The Westie Monologues, a traveling musical that she both created and produced, garnered her great acclaim in Australia. Spunks and Confessions of an Exchange Student were her next two successful shows on the road.

Relocate To Los Angeles in 2011

She rose to prominence in Australia thanks to the comedy series Pizza and The Wedge, as well as Fat Pizza, a feature film based on the show. During this time, she began earning jobs in Hollywood feature films, such as Nicolas Cage’s 2007 Marvel Comics adaptation Ghost Rider, which led to her decision to relocate to Los Angeles in 2011.

Appeared On Big Screen

Wilson returned to the big screen soon after in the comedy Bridesmaids, followed by appearances on sitcoms such as Rules of Engagement and Workaholics.

She has remained a mainstay in big-screen comedies, starring alongside Anne Hathaway in Isn’t It Romantic and The Hustle, a remake of the Steve Martin classic in which she co-starred in 2019.

Wilson had a busy year, with roles in Taika Waititi’s Nazi-themed “anti-hate satire” Jojo Rabbit and the controversial big-screen rendition of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Cats.

Hosted Pooch Perfect

Wilson hosted the Australian dog grooming reality competition series Pooch Perfect in 2020, appeared on an episode of Celebrity IOU, and hosted LOL: Last One Laughing, a comedy reality show in Australia that was later made available to a wider audience on Amazon Prime (an obvious nod to her work in the Pitch Perfect films).

Rebel Wilson Financial Breakthrough

Given that she is only getting started, her paychecks appear to be a few million dollars short. Pitch Perfect 2 became a worldwide smash in 2015, grossing around $287 million at the box office, and she was finally able to earn millions.

Her portrayal of Fat Amy was mainly responsible for the film’s success, and the crowd adored her for it. This is the first film in which she has been paid a million dollars, including bonuses and royalties. This also helped her negotiate a higher salary for Pitch Perfect 3.

Rebel Wilson’s Net Worth

Rebel Wilson has a net worth of $22 million and is an Australian actress and comedian. Wilson made her big break in Australian television comedy, and she’s now best recognized for performances in films like Jojo Rabbit, Cats, and the Pitch Perfect franchise.

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Rebel Wilson, an Australian actress, and comedian have a net worth of $22 million, despite the fact that her bank account had no money just a few years ago. A few years ago, the Australian actress stated that she was having financial difficulties.

Despite the fact that she has been working her tail off since moving to Los Angeles in 2010, it was only in 2015 that she was able to make a reasonable living.

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