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A Classic Horror Story Ending Explained: Does Elisa Survive at The End? Did Elisa Die?

It’s a 2021 Italian horror film written by Roberto De Feo (with assistance from Paolo Strippoli and Lucio Besana), directed by Roberto De Feo and Paolo Strippoli, and starring Lucia Besana and David Bellini.

Actresses such as Matilda Lutz and Will Merrick are among the film’s notables; others include Yuliia Sobol and Justin Korovkin. On July 14, 2021, Netflix released the film internationally.


  • Actress Matilda Lutz as Elisa in the film
  • As Mark, Will Merrick
  • Yulia Sobol portrays Sofia in the film.
  • It was Justin Korovkin’s idea.
  • Riccardo is portrayed by Peppino Mazzotta in this film.
  • Donadio was sworn in as mayor by Cristina.
  • Fabrizio, played by Francesco Russo.
  • Alida Baldari Calabria as Chiara / unidentified actress
  • Masked Goat actor Daniel Rose

Does Elisa Survive at The End?

a classic horror story ending explained

After killing Fabrizio and Chiara, Elisa stumbles off the military installation and down to a public beach. Her hands are covered with severe wounds, and she is bleeding to death. As the water around her becomes red, she takes a last, tired step into the pool.

The scene fades to dark as she clings to her stomach with both hands. When it comes to deciding whether or not to keep her baby, Elisa has been torn throughout the film. It’s as though she’s made up her mind by the time we reach the finish.

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Elisa’s survival seems doubtful, though, given what follows (more on that in a minute) and the mafia’s stringent code of honor.

It’s bad news for her chances of survival that the police and the Mafia are working together, and she showed her face on video for the whole family to see. Neither she nor anybody else she knows can go to the police or reveal what happened.

The fact that she was filmed by so many people on the beach suggests that things didn’t turn out well for her, but it’s hard to know for sure.

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How to Explain the Climax of A Well-Known Horror Film

If this were a classic horror story, Elisa would discover that Fabrizio had been filming them all for his movie. An unhinged Fabrizio unleashes an incoherent tirade against filmmaking and the public’s appetite for gory content.

This is how he came up with the idea to convert Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface into characters in this film. Elisa informs him that his film is terrible. There are numerous horror story tropes in this film. Elisa frees her hands from the wheelchair when the screens have been turned off.

Sneaks into one of the many tents that are scattered over the area. There are various masks and cameras used by Fabrizio to film the snuff videos that she discovers.

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Elisa then keeps a close eye on Fabrizio from the safety of his RV. In her films, she has used Chiara, Fabrizio’s sister, as a regular cast member.

Elisa is waiting for Chiara outside the RV with a shotgun. Fabrizio is shot in the leg after killing Chiara with a single shot. He begs her not to shoot him and instructs her to come up with a plan to keep him from dying. Asked to calm him down, Elisa disguised as herself tells him it’s just a movie.

A camera is then pointed at her as she shoots him in the mouth. She then makes her way out of the trees and ends up on a beach. Elisa’s phone finally gets a signal just as the beachgoers start filming her.

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As she nears the water, she decides to cool off. On a mock Dark web-based version of Netflix dubbed Bloodflix, people are condemning the snuff video.

A Plot Synopsis of A Classic Horror Story

a classic horror story ending explained

Five strangers who decide to carpool out of town are the focus of a classic horror story. Unfortunately, their RV crashes at night, leading to a series of progressively weird and terrible incidents.

A bloody plot involving a cult, odd symbolism, betrayal, and plenty of horror film allusions ensues.

Is It True that Elisa Is No Longer with Us?

Only Elisa had made it out of the original group alive. She was bleeding terribly from the nails that were inserted in her hands while she was being held captive, yet she was seen entering the lake by a number of people.

Seeing a young woman bleeding out in the water, someone else would have called for help, even if we don’t see her do so.

Because she cradles her growing tummy with tenderness, we can infer that Elisa will indeed become a mother. While Elisa’s mother had urged her to abort the pregnancy, it appears that she has decided to go with her gut.

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