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The Seventh Day Movie Ending Explained: Plot, Cast and Everything You Need to Know!

Justin P. Lange wrote and directed The Seventh Day, a horror film released in 2021. Guy Pearce, Vadhir Derbez, Stephen Lang, and Keith David feature in the film.

Vertical Entertainment and Redbox Entertainment released it on March 26, 2021.


On his first day of work, Father Peter, a renowned exorcist, pairs up with Father Daniel, a young and inexperienced priest. They attempt to free a young kid named Charlie from demonic captivity.

Father Daniel discovers that Father Peter is actually possessed while executing the exorcism on Charlie and witnessing his limbs slowly burn, and in a struggle, Father Daniel kills Father Peter.

Later, the archbishop and Father Daniel discover that every priest who worked under Father Peter was possessed by a demon, resulting in a large network of demonic priests.


  • Father Peter Costello is played by Guy Pearce.
  • Chris Galust when he was younger Peter
  • Father Daniel Garcia is played by Vadhir Derbez.
  • Archbishop Stephen Lang
  • Father Louis is played by Keith David.
  • Helen is played by Robin Bartlett.
  • Charlie Giroux is played by Brady Jenness.
  • Nicholas Miller is played by Tristan Riggs.
  • Mrs. Miller is played by Hannah Alline Culwell.
  • Mr. Miller is played by Heath Freeman.
  • George is played by Acoryé White.

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Why Was the Father Killed, as Explained in The Seventh Day Ending?

the seventh day movie ending explained

Two exorcist priests join forces to exorcise the evil that has possessed Charlie, a small boy. The youngster caused a commotion and slaughtered his entire family. Everyone then reports to the police station.

They both manage to subdue the demonic energy within the boy in some way. They then took the kidnapped boy and walked him back to his house.

Later, Father Peter delegated all of his authority to Father Daniel.

Also, perform an exorcism on Charlie, who has been kidnapped. In the meantime, Father Daniel discovers that it is not Charlie who has. But it was Father Peter the whole time.

In retaliation, Peter fights back, but Daniels stabs him in the throat with a pectoral cross. The murder takes place 25 years before the opening scene of the film, in which a young Peter witnesses the murder of his own master by a similar youngster.

The devil who resides inside tries to detain Daniel after stabbing Peter, but Daniel is eventually able to resist and flee. Father Daniel discovers that during the 1995 incident, Father Peter was possessed by a demon.

From then on, the demon made it a point to keep any priests he had taken under his wing. This demon was establishing a demon-possessed priest network.

Like a result, as he had done with Father Peter, Father Daniel was now tasked with either exorcism or execution of all the captured priests. We discover here that Father Kevin was desperate for the demon to take control of Daniel.

Review of The Seventh Day: A Fantastic Exorcism Film!

Daniel is promptly reminded by Father Peter that this is not a job for the faint of heart. Priests must be completely reliant on their faith in God to be able to confront demons.

He even claims that every priest has a unique story about how he came to be an exorcist. When the two holy men confront their first exorcism together, it becomes evident why Father Peter forewarned Father Daniel.

They come into a fearsome and timid monster lurking in the most unlikely of places. Overall, “The Seventh Day” is cheesy at points, but there were a couple of jump scares that made my heart race.

The suspense generated throughout the movie had me on the edge of my seat, which added to my enjoyment of it. This film is highly recommended if you appreciate exorcism films.

What Is the Seventh Day’s Plot?

the seventh day movie ending explained

The plot of The Seventh Day begins with a flashback to the 8th of October, 1995. As they prepare to perform an exorcism, a young priest named Peter stands alongside his instructor, Father Louis. Nicky, a 10-year-old boy, was set free from a demon at this ceremony.

However, Father Louis is stabbed in the throat with a pectoral cross during this ritual, which has grave implications. Peter had no choice but to burn Nicky alive after failing to evict the demon. Father Peter Costello had become a distinguished exorcist after 25 years when he was asked to look after Father Daniel Garcia, who had recently graduated from a seminary.

To begin, Peter transports Daniel to a homeless shelter, where Daniel is tasked with identifying the possessed individual. Peter begs him to say a name because he is unable to do so. This was the demon’s moniker since it makes an elderly lady appear to be possessed. Peter takes it upon himself to exorcise her after Daniel fails.

Peter then takes Daniel to the home of Charlie Giroux, a young boy. Daniel’s case was now after he had just killed his entire family in the morning. Daniel starts his inquiry by determining whether Charlie is truly possessed. When Daniel first meets Charlie, he witnesses poltergeists when a pen pierces the forensic therapist’s hand.

They later look into Charlie after discovering that he and his companions had used a Ouija board. This was the source of Charlie’s possession. As he makes touch with the demon, Daniel uses the Ouija board to see images from the time Charlie murdered his family.

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