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Women in Black Ending: What Happened to Arthur & Joseph?

Filmmaker James Watkins and Writer Jane Goldman collaborated on The Woman in Black, a gothic supernatural horror film released in 2012. For the second time, it is based on Susan Hill’s 1983 novel of the same name.

Daniel Radcliffe, Ciarán Hinds, Janet McTeer, Sophie Stuckey, and Liz White are among the cast members of the film. To begin, the story takes place in early twentieth-century England, and it centers on a young recently widowed barrister who visits an isolated village to investigate reports of an evil spirit terrorizing the residents.

Hammer Film Productions, Alliance Films, Cross Creek Pictures, and the UK Film Council were involved in the production of the film. In 2009, Goldman and Watkins signed on to direct a cinematic adaptation of Hill’s novel.

In July of 2010, Radcliffe was cast as Arthur Kipps, the principal character.
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Before those plans were canceled, the picture was supposed to be shot in 3D. During the months of September through December of 2010, the majority of the filming took place in England.

It took until June 2011 for post-production to be completed. Even though it had multiple cuts, the British Board of Film Classification gave it a 12A rating, which sparked outrage.


  • Actor Daniel Radcliffe takes on the role of a young lawyer named Arthur Kipps.
  • Ciarán Hinds as local landowner Samuel “Sam” Daily
  • Elisabeth Daily, played by Janet McTeer, is Sam’s wife.
  • A.K.A. Jennet Humfrye, Liz White portrays her The Black Widow
  • Roger Allam portrays Arthur’s senior partner, Mr. Bentley, in the film.
  • Actor Tim McMullan portrays local lawyer Jerome in the film.
  • Nanny Jessica Raine plays Joseph
  • In the role of Keckwick, the carriage driver, Daniel Cerqueira
  • Fisher, the village innkeeper, is played by Shaun Dooley.
  • Mrs Fisher is played by Mary Stockley.
  • women in black ending
  • As PC Collins, the town constable, David Burke portrays
  • Stella Kipps, Arthur’s wife, is played by Sophie Stuckey.
  • Joseph Kipps, Arthur’s son, is played by Misha Handley.
  • Lucy Jerome, Jerome’s daughter, is played by Aoife Doherty.
  • Gerald Hardy, played by Victor McGuire, is a peasant.
  • Alexia Osborne plays Hardy’s daughter Victoria in the film.
  • In the role of Alice Drablow, Alisa Khazanova
  • Nathaniel Drablow, son of the Woman in Black, is played by Ashley Foster.
  • Sidney Johnston portrays the deceased son of Sam and Elisabeth Daily, Nicholas Daily.
  • The character of Liz White, who plays “Jennet,” is never referred to as “The Woman in Black” in the film or during the credits.
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This Is It for Black

There are some interesting twists on the gothic ghost story template in the concluding scenes of The Woman in Black.

Film adaptation of Susan Hill’s ghost story “The Woman in Black,” which was published in 1983, takes place in early 20th-century England. Filmed by James Watkins and scripted by Jane Goldman, the film is a haunting Victorian ghost story that is evocative of Hammer’s gothic horror pictures.

Daniel Radcliffe plays Arthur Kipps, a widowed lawyer who travels to the secluded village of Illmarsh to handle the affairs of a recently deceased client in the film adaptation of The Woman in Black. His client’s house is the focal point of the investigation, but the villagers and their children are being terrorized by a vindictive spirit.

When it comes to the end of The Woman in Black, there are some surprising twists that leave fans feeling slightly bewildered. Why did Arthur and his kid disappear, and what is Jennet Humfrye’s true motivation?

A Synopsis of The Film’s Plot

women in black ending

Susan Hill’s ghost story, The Woman in Black, tells the story of Arthur Kipps and his encounters with the supernatural at Eel Marsh House.

Christmas Eve finds Arthur invited to tell a ghost story by his stepchildren. It’s impossible for Arthur to tell his narrative out loud since his memories are too distressing.

He tells the narrative of Arthur Kipps, a young lawyer who is sent to handle Alice Drablow’s affairs. At her funeral, he is the only one who notices a woman dressed all in black, despite the fact that no one else does.

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Arthur is disturbed by noises and visions of the woman at Eel Marsh Home, a house located beyond a causeway. Jennet Drablow (Alice Drablow’s sister) haunts the house because of a local man named Sam Daily.
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Every time the woman in black is spotted, a child dies, he says. Finally, Arthur is reunited with the mysterious woman in black before his wife and kid are tragically killed in a car accident.

Heartbreak and vengeance are at the centre of Stephen King’s chilling tale, The Woman in Black.

How Did Arthur and Joseph End Up?

Arthur assumes that the ghosts of Jennet and Nathaniel are now at peace after rejoining them. With Sam Daily (Ciarán Hinds) by his side, he and his son and nanny arrive at the train station just in time to see them get off the train.

It’s not over for the woman in black, though; she manages to hypnotise Joseph into leaving his nanny and walking on the railroad tracks.

women in black ending

While Arthur dives down to save his son who is on the rails, he and his son are hit and killed by the train as he grabs hold of his son. Arthur and Joseph’s disbelief, as well as their inability to see anybody else in the railway station when they open their eyes and the grayed-out background, are all evidence of this.

Because of their reunion with Stella, the mother of Arthur’s late wife and Joseph’s father, the most obvious clue to Arthur and Joseph’s death may be found.

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Because Arthur and Joseph died together, it’s likely that they’re not stuck in limbo with the woman in black. Instead, they can rest in peace.

In any case, Arthur’s presence with Joseph prevents Jennet from capturing him and keeping him confined with the rest of the children she has killed, whether or not it was because they were embracing.

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