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The Terminal List’s Chris Pratt Reveals Why He Had Fight Experience in His Underwear?

Chris Pratt’s character, Jack Reece (not to be confused with Jack Ryan or Jack Reacher, who also made the leap from best-selling novels to streaming shows), is attacked while getting an MRI, resulting in a brutal fight scene where Pratt has to ward off his attacker while wearing nothing but his underwear in Amazon’s new series, The Terminal List.

Pratt talked about recording the action scene in his skivvies at the premiere of The Terminal List, something he had previously done due to sibling rivalry. Pratt recalled that he and his brother “used to fight a lot in my underwear.” “We used to fight each other in our underwear a lot.”

While discussing the scene’s choreography, Chris Pratt grew (briefly) serious after making light of his childhood underwear brawls. Variety of sources:

“… This is a man who is struggling for his life,’ I recall thinking. It has to be filthy for me. So I’m going to smack him in the buttocks.

Those eyeballs are going to be torn out of their sockets. The only thing you wouldn’t see me do in a boxing match is what I intend to do. This isn’t a fair fight, that’s for sure. A “raw, visceral and open” feeling is conveyed.

“And you get to see me in my underpants, which is kind of cool,” he continued with a smile.

When it came time for the underwear fight, Pratt was perfectly prepared, but showrunner David DiGilio admits that the sequence was almost too exposed.

Taylor Kitsch Joins Chris Pratt in Amazon's Conspiracy Action Thriller THE TERMINAL LIST — GeekTyrant

To hide a few additional parts in the combat scene, “we did had to utilise some visual effects,” he laughed.

The eight episodes of The Terminal List are now available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Showrunner David DiGilio agreed that the sequence was almost too revealing when Pratt was preparing for an underwear fight. A few more parts in the combat scene needed to be covered up using visual effects, he joked.

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