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‘Basketball Wives’: DJ Duffey Plays Matchmaker for French Montana – but What Does She Really Want?

The Basketball Wives star urges rapper French Montana to take a role in the celebration, including being a matchmaker, so that DJ Duffey’s birthday bash in Vegas will be flawless.

The music entrepreneur Zoe Young and Duffey’s pal British Wiliams can be seen strategizing with the help of Showbiz Cheat Sheet in an exclusive clip shared with us. In the music department, Duffey has invited French to join the planning team. French’s DJ, Duffey, meets him with a slew of offers.

In an Episode of “Basketball Wives,” Is Duffey Trying to Help French and British Women Find Each Other?

When French finally comes and sees British, he gives Zoe and DJ Duffey a big embrace. She reveals to French that she has a mansion and a large group of friends attending the party.

She explains to him, “Like it’s weird vibrations.” I wanted to go all out for my birthday. “Everyone is coming, but I had to make sure the set was nice before I showed up,” he said.

Now is the best time for Duffey to inform the French all about British culture. In an unexpected turn of events, she informs French that “British” is also single. “Here in Vegas, she’s ready to mingle,” said her friend. Both the French and the British are astonished and embarrassed, and it’s clear that they don’t like the situation.

Duffey’s Matchmaking Remark Surprised British a Little..

During the Basketball Wives tape, Duffey continues, “You know, she’s got a little body-yaddie.” “She has an eye for fashion. She’s a millionaire with a stunning grin. “Wow, that was a hoot!”

British is sitting next to Duffey, her face flushed with embarrassment. British exclaims, “Now she’s selling me out bro!” After asking British whether she’s “feeling worried,” Duffey notices that British blushes and covers her face with her palm.

‘Basketball Wives’: DJ Duffey Plays Matchmaker for French Montana – but What Does She Really Want?

Her giggles are something Duffey hasn’t witnessed before, he notes. “It’s crazy, like, that.”

“Duffey is a complete kookyo!” A confession from the British is heard. “I can’t believe we didn’t discuss this before announcing our arrival here.” “We were here to discuss business.”

What Was It that Duffey Wanted from French Montana in The First Place?

When French asks Duffey what she’s been doing recently, the British is relieved. She admits, “I’ve been debating whether or not to pursue a career as a DJ. When I first started DJing, one of my goals was to release a record on my own.

As for DJing, “with all the hustling and everything I’m doing, it’s been cool,” she continued. While touring may not be the ideal fit for me right now, I think we may collaborate on a record in the future.

To her friend’s amusement, British recompenses her for placing her in a precarious position. According to her, “she’s asking you for is, she wants you to do a song with me.” When Duffey returns, he does so with a tense smile on his face.

As French mulls over whether or not to record with Duffey, the room grows silent. Duffey’s birthday is approaching, and she hopes that French can help her achieve one of her career goals.

Pay attention. Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on VH-1 is when Basketball Wives airs.

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