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Matt Roloff, Star of Little People, Big World, Announces a New You Tube Channel as The Feud Within His Family Continues!

Making use of his status. A new YouTube account for Little People, Big World actor Matt Roloff has been unveiled.

Matt, 60, announced his pregnancy in July by changing his Instagram bio. This is Matt Roloff’s first video post, and it included a link to his YouTube channel: “New YouTube channel live [September] 1,” he said.

The TLC star’s Instagram page links to a YouTube website that does not disclose any information regarding the content of the channel. However, there are nine videos that were uploaded in late 2021 and early 2022 that may be viewed on the page’s homepage.

The Roloff patriarch provided viewers a glimpse into his daily routine and tasks at Roloff Farms in the previously updated films.

The news came out as he was feuding with his son Zach Matt Roloff. It wasn’t long before watchers of LPBW saw Zach, 32, express an interest in acquiring a portion of Roloff Farms. They couldn’t agree, so Matt decided to put the farm’s 16 acres up for sale, along with the former family home and barn.

Season 23 premiered in May, and Zach Roloff referred to the environment as “toxic” throughout the discussions. His three-year-old son added that he was “offended” by Matt’s reluctance to sell the farm. “Everything about it seemed strange.

In a confessional interview, Zach revealed that his father had suddenly started making excuses and justifications as to why he and his brother couldn’t manage the farm.

“The higher road” should have been taken by Amy’s former husband, Matt Roloff,” Amy Roloff said in a statement.

‘We’ve heard throughout the time that this was going to be part of the family,’ the reality star 57 said to Us Weekly in June, ‘and now to see the ultimate result with a ‘for sale sign.

Little People, Big World’s Matt Roloff Announces New YouTube Channel as Family Feud Continues

It’s not always pleasant when change occurs, but “maybe this will be a step where we all go forward and see how we can all come back together.”

In the wake of Amy’s apparent support for Zach, Amy and Matt put their issues to one side when they spent time together. Caryn Chandler, Matt’s fiancée, and Chris Marek, Amy’s husband, posed for a picture with the ex-lovers while they were in Texas visiting lifelong friends.

This photo deserves a big cheer! That’s all there is to say! He commented on Instagram on June 25: “Period.” People who are unfavorable, please depart gently.” Your mumble jumbo isn’t good enough to be heard since you lack the necessary judgment.

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