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Consumer Cellular: Consumer Cellular Cell Phone Review and Plans!

John Marick and Greg Pryor established Consumer Cellular, an American postpaid MVNO, in October 1995.

Phones, no-contract phone plans, and add-ons are all available from the company, with an emphasis on serving customers aged 50 and up.

Besides its main office in Portland, Oregon, Consumer Cellular has three other locations in Phoenix, Arizona, and a support center in Redmond, Oregon, employing a total of over 2,400 people.

Consumer Cellular provides wireless service by reselling AT&T’s wholesale wireless services to other virtual operators and leasing network capacity from AT&T and T-Mobile.

Since its inception in 2009, the firm has continuously been recognized as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the United States by being named to the Inc 5000.

There are almost 4 million customers of the service as of the year 2020.

In-Depth Analysis of The Consumer Cellular Unlimited Talk & Text Plan

Consumer CellularConsumer Cellular’s strategy from the beginning has been to cater to people who have a need for a cell phone but don’t plan to use it very frequently.

The company’s plans all include unlimited talking and texting, but customers can choose from data packages as small as 1 GB.

Its basic plans are among the cheapest in the wireless industry, costing just $20 per month. As a result of catering to customers with less technical expertise, Consumer Cellular typically only offers the most basic versions of the most popular phones.

In addition, the plans become less of a bargain the more data you need, and even light users will have a hard time staying under the 1 GB monthly data cap on the cheapest plan.

Due to the fact that Consumer Cellular is an MVNO that leases towers from other carriers, its customers may not have access to the full networks of those carriers and may experience slower speeds during peak network usage to accommodate the carrier’s own customers.

What’s Included in The Consumer Cellular Unlimited Talk & Text Cell Phone Plan?

Consumer Cellular

With Consumer Cellular’s Unlimited Talk & Text plan, customers can add up to three additional lines for free and enjoy unrestricted texting and calling.

The quantity of information provided is the key differentiator. Customers can select from unlimited data plans as well as those with 1, 3, 7, 10, and 15 GB of monthly data.

Monthly prices for these packages range from $20 to $55 before any applicable discounts are applied.

A single data plan can be used for multiple lines. Using a mobile hotspot will count toward your monthly data cap, and in areas where it is available, 5G data will also be included.

Consumer Cellular will automatically upgrade you to a more expensive data plan if you exceed your monthly data allotment.

You can downgrade your plan at any time, but it will remain at the higher level for the upcoming billing cycle.

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Consumer Cellular Set up Fees

When you sign up for service with Consumer Cellular, you’ll have to pay for the activation fee in addition to the first month’s service and the down payment or the full price of the phone, plus any taxes and fees.

Sales tax on the total purchase price of the device is due with the first monthly payment if a monthly payment plan is selected.

If your current phone accepts a SIM card, you can use it instead. A SIM card can be obtained from Consumer Cellular without cost.

If you already have a phone, all you’d have to pay upfront is the cost of the first month’s service plus taxes and fees.

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Where Is Consumer Cellular 5 G Available?

Consumer Cellular

While 5G service is available in over 14,000 U.S. cities, it is not yet available in all of Consumer Cellular’s service areas.

If you are outside of a 5G coverage area, you should still be able to get 4G LTE service.

Generally speaking, 5G service will be available in major cities while 4G will be available in outlying areas. Here you can view a coverage map provided by Consumer Cellular.

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