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Meghan King is ‘Done’ With Public Relationships and Identifies as ‘Gay’

Meghan King does not want her public image to shift just because of who she is seeing.

“I will never longer share details of my life on any online networking service.

Their high standards are stifling, and I refuse to conform.” King, 37, spoke with host Tamron Hall on Tuesday’s episode of The Tamron Hall Show.
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“You can find references to all of these relationships if you Google my name, but I’ve moved on.

I think most people would be turned off by the complexity of my life if we ever went on a date.”

King’s ex-husband, retired baseball star Jim Edmonds, filed for divorce in October 2019, ending their five-year marriage, and it was finalized in May 2021.

Following this, in October 2021, she married Cuffe Biden Owens, making him her nephew and so inviting President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden to the ceremony.

The “whirlwind” marriage was legally dissolved in July of the following year, and King has said that the experience has made her more cautious about sharing personal information online.

Is Meghan King Gay?

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Meghan King wants to be judged without romantic ties. On Tuesday’s “Tamron Hall Show,” the former Orange County housewife discussed media attention on her romances.

No more private online posts. Meghan, 37, told Hall she didn’t want to be defined by her errors.

Google my name to see my former romances, but I’m done. My life scares people off when I go on dates.

Meghan married former MLB player Jim Edmonds for five years. The divorce was finalized in May 2021 after they separated in 2019.

She married Cuffe Biden Owens in October 2021.
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The marriage was annulled in July. Meghan has questioned how much of her personal life to share after her quick marriage.

Meghan stated she’s dating, but she won’t say more.

Meghan: “That’s why I’m doing the podcast.” No names will be revealed.
Meghan’s 2020 podcast “Intimate Knowledge” returned Monday.

Final episode was in April 2021. Meghan’s visitor was “Catfish” presenter Nev Schulman, whom she dated years ago.

Meghan’s conservative upbringing influenced her dating tastes as she and Harry discussed open relationships.

She told Nev, 37, “It’s funny because I went to Catholic school my whole life.” I’ve dated ladies. I identify as gay, not lesbian. Everyone is.

Meghan: “I’ve had good encounters, but I don’t look at people sexually.

It’s just a minute, so I can dwell in it if I choose.

I don’t see myself being monogamous with this individual, but it’s fun.

That’s never happened with another woman.

She was explicit when she said, “When I’m sleeping with my vibrator, I’m not thinking of a lady.” This makes me think of a dude.

Is Meghan Currently Going Through a Relationship Crisis?

Fans who have followed Meghan throughout her three years as a Housewife are aware that her romantic life in recent years has been marked by more than its fair share of highs and lows.


In recent years, Meghan’s romantic life has been marked by more than its fair share of highs and lows.

In 2019, she submitted a petition for divorce against Jim, her husband of the previous five years, after he admitted to having a “sexting affair.”

She had been married to Jim for the previous five years.

Although they share custody of their three children, Meghan has confessed that she and Harry have a fractious and difficult relationship as co-parents to their children.

The former couple has three children together.

In point of fact, she took Jim to court in June in order to acquire a restraining order against him, claiming that he was verbally abusive to her and that she needed to protect herself from him.

What Headlines Did Meghan Make?

At the beginning of this month, Meghan made headlines after TMZ announced that on June 18, the former “Housewife” had filed a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband Jim Edmonds, accusing him of violence.

The order was filed against Jim on the same day. On June 18th, the order was given to Jim as his punishment.

When the two of them were co-parenting using the application Family Wizard, Meghan allegedly claimed that Jim would engage in “regular and constant verbal abuse” at her.

This is according to the outlet. The charges made by Meghan were made public.

According to individuals familiar with the circumstances, the argument between the exes sprang from their divergent views over the topic of co-parenting.
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Aspen, their daughter, is five years old, and twin twins, Hart and Hayes, are also four years old. These three children are the product of Meghan and Jim’s marriage.

In response to the petition, Jim’s representative, Steve Honig, provided the following statement to TMZ as follows: “This request for an order of protection is completely baseless and furthermore makes an absolute mockery of the pain suffered by the millions of women in this country who are legitimate victims of abuse.

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In October 2021, just a few short months after the conclusion of her divorce from Jim, Meghan and Cuffe married the knot.

This marked the beginning of their happy life together.

Their lightning-fast relationship, on the other hand, was short-lived, and in July of the year after that, their marriage was pronounced null and void since it had never been legally valid.

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