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Is Enola Holmes a Lesbian? Here Are Some Facts!

Whether or not Sherlock Holmes had a more intelligent brother is unknown; however, the streaming service Netflix and the young adult novelist Nancy Springer claim that he does have a younger sister.

Reports indicate that Enola Holmes will return to Netflix for a sequel to the film that will be released in 2020 with the same name, and that this time around, her famous older brother may be portrayed as being bisexual.

We Got This Covered revealed that an insider named Daniel Richtman said that Netflix had the intention of making Sherlock bisexual in the next sequel.

Super hunk In the film “Enola Holmes,” Henry Cavill portrayed Sherlock. A report by We Got This Covered from the previous month said that Cavill will reprise his part in “Enola Holmes 2,” but in a more significant one.

The publication also said that a bisexual Sherlock would fit in well with another production by Netflix called “The Irregulars.” This was a series that featured Holmes’ sidekick, John Watson (Royce Pierreson), and it was revealed that Watson was a member of the LGBTQ community.

In the first chapter of “Enola Holmes,” the protagonist, a young woman named Enola (played by Millie Bobby Brown), was the primary focal point. The character of Watson was not included in the show, although there is widespread suspicion that he will in the future sequel.

is enola holmes a lesbianEnola Holmes is an invention of Springer, who is the author of the young adult literature series “The Enola Holmes Mysteries.” The famous detective did not have a younger sister in the original books and short tales written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Instead, Enola Holmes was introduced by Springer. Due to the fact that Sherlock Holmes is now considered to be part of the public domain, contemporary authors are allowed to explore the original source material.

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Both the British Broadcasting Corporation (in a series starring Benedict Cumberbatch) and the American network television series “Elementary,” starring Jonny Lee Miller and airing on the CBS network in the United States and running for a total of seven seasons, have reimagined Sherlock Holmes as a contemporary character for the medium of television.

In comments made to Entertainment Weekly, series creator Steven Moffat raised the possibility that the version of Sherlock Holmes portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch could be a member of a subset of the LGBTQIA community other than the gay community, specifically the “A” subset, which stands for asexual.

“According to Moffat’s interpretation of Sherlock Holmes, the character “willfully stays away from it to keep his head pure—a Victorian idea, that,” Moffat stated, “He’s not interested in” sexual connections. “He’s not interested in” sexual relationships. Everyone, however, wants to think that he is homosexual. He’s not homosexual. He is not a heterosexual.”

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Miller’s portrayal, on the other hand, was that of a heterosexual Sherlock Holmes who, at one point, even had a relationship with the woman who would later become his adversary:

Jamie Moriarty (Natalie Dormer), a character whose gender was switched from the Professor James Moriarty of the original stories. In the original stories, Moriarty was a male character.

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