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Is Tracy Edwards Gay? Know More About His Life!

According to the publication Biography, the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer preyed upon Tracy Edwards in the year 1991, when he was 32 years old. On July 22, 1991, Edwards escaped from Dahmer’s residence, and the following day, the police discovered him wandering the streets with handcuffs still attached to his wrists.

According to Biography, Edwards guided the police back to Dahmer’s flat, where they found that Dahmer had offered to obtain the keys for the handcuffs. Officers conducted a search of Dahmer’s bedroom in the hopes of finding the knife Edwards claimed the suspect had threatened him with.

Instead, they discovered Polaroid photographs that Dahmer had taken of other victims that had been mutilated.

According to Biography, when the police investigated his residence, they discovered a severed head in the refrigerator along with other horrifying souvenirs from his kills, such as jars of men’s genitalia and a big gallery of Polaroid images of his victims.

Is Tracy Edwards Gay?

Do you want to know whether or not Tracy Edwards is a gay man? According to the vipfaq, Tracy Edwards does not identify as gay.

How Did Tracy Edwards Meet Jeffrey Dahmer?

According to The Sun, Edwards first encountered Dahmer in a pub, which was common practice for many of Dahmer’s victims. Edwards was invited to Dahmer’s flat to see “The Exorcist” and drink some beer, but when they got there, Dahmer immediately put Edwards in handcuffs and threatened to stab him.

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Tracy Ran Into Trouble With The Law Again 20 Years Later.

According to the New York Post and ABC’s investigation, Edwards was arrested multiple times after returning to Wisconsin for a variety of offenses upon his return, including possession of illegal drugs, theft, property damage, failure to pay child support, and jumping bail.

However, that is not where the tale finishes. According to ABC News, Edwards was taken into custody on July 26, 2011, after being accused of taking part in a crime that involved tossing a man to his death from a bridge in Milwaukee.

This information was obtained through an arrest warrant. At the time, Edwards was 52 years old and living on the streets. According to ABC News, he had been bouncing around from shelter to shelter since the year 2002.

According to Fox 6, he finally entered a guilty plea to the charge of assisting a felon following an incident in which he and another guy hurled someone off of a city bridge into a river during a dispute.

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What Has He said About Jeffrey Dahmer?

is tracy edwards gay

Edwards testified in court that Dahmer had taken him to his bedroom and told him that he wanted to devour Edwards’ heart. Edwards’ evidence came during the trial. Additionally, he stated that Jeffrey Dahmer who he had met at a pub was “not the same person.”

“His face structure appeared different…It was as if it wasn’t him anymore,” he added. “It was like, it wasn’t him anymore.”

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Where Is Tracy Edwards Now?

Edwards was found guilty in 2012 by a circuit court in Milwaukee County for his participation in the death of the man who was thrown off the bridge and died as a result of his injuries. Edwards was given a sentence of one and a half years in prison and two years of extended supervision by the judge.

It is currently unknown where Edwards is located.

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