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Hunting Souls Ending Explained: Know More About the Movie!

When Mike (Aiden Turner, known for his roles in All My Children and Charlie’s Christmas Wish) awakens from a nightmare in which he is being stalked, he discovers that the temperature in the room has dropped significantly.

His wife Angie, played by Sunny Mabrey (Girls Getaway Gone Wrong, Holiday Breakup), assures him that he is simply dreaming about the event. When he looks over and sees their daughter Sophie (Chloe and Sophia Garcia-Frizzi, The Walking Dead), she is standing at the foot of the bed staring at them, which causes him to feel even worse.

Angie sees nothing. After a few seconds, it appears as though Sophie has walked through the wall, and then she receives a call from her room.

It would appear that the unfortunate child has ongoing health problems, but the medical professionals at the nearby hospital are at a loss to determine what exactly is causing them. And she has no clue as to the origin of any of the marks that can be found on her body.

Despite the fact that Sophie is eating normally, Dr. Thomas (Charles Green, Bad Trip, The House with the Clock in its Walls) observes that she exhibits symptoms consistent with a sort of malnutrition. The identical thing that had previously caused the death of one of her pals.

So he dials the CPC number, but he should have dialed the Ghostbusters number instead because I have a sneaking suspicion that I am already aware of what is going on.

Even when we witness the demon pretending to be Angie while playing a game with Sophie while she is blindfolded, Hunting Souls is unable to produce any chills in its audience. It’s not just that it’s so familiar; being familiar can be effective if it’s done well enough. It’s that everything moves so slowly and the way it’s filmed lacks enthusiasm.

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It gives the impression that everyone involved thought they were too good to be a part of a horror movie and that they were just going through the motions in order to get paid.

And at no point in time, not even after writing appears on the wall while they are in the room, or after Sophie is nearly drowned in a bathtub, or after she is rescued out of a second-floor window, do Sophie’s parents consider leaving the premises and going elsewhere.

Even when measured against other works in the same genre, the characters in Hunting Souls are laughably dimwitted. Unfortunately, the one moment in the movie that feels like something a real person would do is when Mike’s boss (Alpha Trivette, The Devil Below, Crimes and Mister Meanors) threatens to fire him for missing too many days to take care of his daughter.

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This is the only scene in the movie that feels like something a real person would do. Mike’s coworker Ron (Kevin Wayne Walker, A Hard Problem, The Stalker), who informs him that he should talk to his wife Hope (Adelle Drahos, Hawkeye) because she knows about something like this, is the one who finally provides our dysfunctional family with some assistance.

It has come to light that she is an authority on the very devil that is to blame for all of their difficulties. She is also aware that Mike’s dreams which he is being pursued are not dreams but the product of his ability to astral project. Because of all of these factors, Hunting Souls has a conclusion that is deceptively typical.

hunting souls ending explained

In all honesty, Hunting Souls does not have anything going for it. Not only is there no gore, but there is only one person that passes away during the entirety of the movie, and you can identify them as soon as you see them on screen. When we view the monster, it appears to be what one could receive if they placed an order for Hellraiser’s Skinless Frank on the website Wish.

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An abject failure on every front; it’s not even so terrible that it’s funny; it’s so terrible that it hurts. It’s one of those movies that I would rate with 0.5 stars, but Google gives me an error message if I rate it with less than 1 star.

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