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Google’s Upcoming Pixel Tablet Comes With a Nifty Charging Speaker Dock

With the unveiling of the upcoming Pixel Tablet, Google is once again venturing into territory that is fraught with potential risk. During today’s Made by Google streaming event, the firm made an announcement about the device.

The tablet is packed to the gills with fascinating new developments. It is powered by the same Tensor 2G chipset as the new Pixel phones, so establishing a single ecosystem between all of your Google devices and allowing for cross-integration with Google Assistant.

The amount of RAM and the resolution are only two of the many specifications that are currently unclear, but we do know that Google bundles the Pixel Tablet with an unusual charging speaker dock.

According to Google, the majority of tablets are stored in a dresser when they are not in use; therefore, this dock enables the Pixel Tablet to be a focal point in the home. As a result of this, this base enables access to additional capabilities, such as a digital photo frame.

Because the tablet has cameras on both the front and the back, this stand can serve as a stable home base for making video chats. It’s interesting to note that the base doesn’t allow for any alterations to the angle, so let’s hope that it’s a flattering angle by default.

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The exterior is constructed out of recyclable aluminum with an exclusive “nano-ceramic coating” that was designed to emulate “the feel of porcelain.” The design is consistent with Google’s Pixel smartphones thanks to the rounded rectangle form and matte glass back. Google claims that the design of this tablet makes it less likely that it will fall out of your hands while you are using it.

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Unfortunately, Google’s Pixel tablet doesn’t come until 2023. The precise launch date, as well as the retail price, are not yet public knowledge.

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