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This New Portable Gaming Console Also Wants to Be Your Best Friend

Although the TRDR Pocket was a moderately successful gaming portable, the successor, which was just launched by the British developer Go Games, is not merely an upgrade in terms of its technical specifications.

The TRDR Series II comes equipped with an artificial intelligence-driven personality that is capable of human-like dialogue. According to the manufacturer, this capability “extends beyond the weather and identifying tunes.”

According to Go Gaming, this is “the first handheld games console to shelter the world’s most sophisticated AI.” In point of fact, Go Games claims that this is the case.

This is how the process goes. The TRDR Series II is offered in three separate models, each of which has its own distinct personality (and color schemes to match.) You will have the option of selecting Scarlet, Julia, or Tony; but, the corporation has provided no other information beyond the names and genders of the three personalities, so you will not know the intricacies of each one.

However, Go Games has stated that each personality will function as a “indispensable everyday assistant” that enables meaningful communication. This statement lends credence to the idea that the console may have applications in the field of mental health.

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In addition to becoming your new best friend in the AI world, this item is also a handheld game console with some respectable technical specifications.

The Android-based smartphone features a quick display with a resolution of 1080p, a processor with an Helio P60, 4GB of RAM, a battery life of up to 12 hours, and around 200GB of internal storage. In addition to that, it provides encrypted cloud storage from beginning to end.

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The outside features a design reminiscent of the Gameboy, complete with six buttons, a control stick, and a D-pad. This feature is carried over from the previous edition. You may place an order for these handhelds right now for the price of $400. A personality test can be found on the website of the corporation to help choose which of the three AIs will be the most suitable.

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