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Is Clawdeen a Lesbian? Know More About This Character!

Clawdeen is fearless, vivacious, and active. Ghoulia Yelps writes in her diary that she gets a little “freaky” when exposed to the full moon (or anything similar, like a spotlight), but she usually manages to turn this to her advantage.

Also, she is very devoted to her loved ones and protective of them, yet she has a short fuse when her loyalty is challenged.

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She comes from a large family, so she’s often had to fend for herself.

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This has given her a streak of ingenuity; she’s not above wearing hand-me-downs despite her “fashionista” reputation, and she even has a video blog dedicated to teaching others how to make their own crafts. The Monster High Shoe Swap was also created by her. Cleo de Nile’s reaction to the spotlight was what ultimately won the talent event for Clawdeen.

Did Clawdeen and Deuce Date?

After this, Draculaura informs Frankie that Clawdeen and Cleo were once best ghoulfriends, but their relationship ended when Cleo dumped Clawdeen’s brother for Clawd’s ex-best friend Deuce.

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The Character Clawdeen Is Described as Having Long, Dark-Brown, Voluminous Hair (voluminous in The Original, Non-Re-Release Basic Doll and The Computer-Animated Tv Specials; Frizzy in The Drawn Artwork Illustration and The Web Series and In “new Ghoul at School” and In “fright On!”), Golden-Yellow Eyes with Black, Small, Slit Pupils; Long, Black, Thick Eyelashes;

Dark Brown Werewolf Fur for “skin;” Bright Red Lipstick; She Is Seen Here in A Short Black Jacket with A Gold Zipper and Fuzzy Purple Trimmings, Showing Off Her Stomach in A Salmon-Colored, Light-Pink Tank Top with Tiger-Striped Designs.

Clawdeen Wears Knee-High, Salmon-Colored Socks with Sparkles on Them that Reach to Her Knees and Cover the Back of Her Heeled Shoes but Not the Front; Long, Heeled Boots for Shoes that Are Black with Velcro-Looking, Buckle-Like Bits or Also Called “buckles” (or “straps”), with Real, Gold Buckles on The Sides as “real Buckles”;

Both the Boots and The Knee-High Socks Have an Opening in The Front to Expose the Front Part of She Also Wears a Pair of Short, Dark Purple Miniskirts Over a Pair of Black Fishnet.

Her “fishnet” Underthings Look More Like Gooey, Plastic-Like, Clear/grey-Ish Colored Material in The 2 D Webisode Animation and The Computer-Generated Tv Specials. in Addition, She Wears a Pair of Gold Hoops in Her Earlobes, a Black Choker or “dog Collar” with Golden,

Real-Gold Studs on It or “gems” on It, a Golden Necklace with A Pale-Purple Stone in The Middle as The Pendent of The Chain, and A Black Belt or Black Strap with Golden Studs on It Over a Black Miniskirt.

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This Is Her Signature “basic” Look. Clawdeen’s Ears Are Pierced or Torn, yet In the 3 D, Computer-Generated-Animated Tv Specials, She Has Entire Ears Instead of Holes. She Also Has Huge Fangs (little in Other Areas of The Media Franchise). Her Locks Are Described as Auburn in The Lisi Harrison Books.

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Clawdeen’s “school’s Out” Getup Consists of A Long, High Ponytail Held in Place with An Elastic Band; Two Earring-Piercings (hooped Earrings) on The Right Side; and Two Earring-Piercings (normal Earring-Piercings) on The Left Side, with A Chain Coming from One of Them.

On Her Right Middle Finger, Clawdeen Wears a Gold Bar Band; Her Dark Blue Jeans Have Sparkles and Gold Hem/gold Trimming; Her Tall Black Boots Have Purple Highlights and Gold Streaks, and There Are Several Hole Gaps in The Soles.

She Also Sports a Long Purple Shirt with Gold Buckle Accents, Tiger Stripes, and Gold Sweater-Like Trimmings and Gold Spots, and A Turquoise Band-Waist-Like Item or Belt with Gold Studs or Beads to Complete Her “school’s Out” Ensemble.

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Her Off-The-Shoulder Blouse Reveals the Straps of A Turquoise Tank Top She’s Wearing Below. She’s Also Rocking Some Red Lip Color and Purple Eyeshadow to Complete the Ensemble.

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