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What Was the Cause of Cynthia and Mike’s Divorce?

Mike Hill, a sportscaster and TV celebrity married Cynthia Bailey, a former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member, more than a year ago.

Viewers were treated to Bailey’s final three seasons of the reality show, which ended in a lavish Georgia wedding.

The passage of time has brought the couple closer together, and they continue to captivate fans with their love story via social media updates.

But not everything that shines is gold. Hill recently admitted that he and his wife had some problems during the short time they were married.

Are There Any Fights Between Them?

It’s normal for couples to argue from time to time. Given this, it didn’t come as a surprise when the sportscaster said he had a heated argument with his new wife.

In an interview with the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, he said they fought while celebrating their anniversary.


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“Our anniversary was on Sunday, and I had the day off, but I had to go back to work on Tuesday. We stayed in town and went to a great hotel in West Hollywood, where we mostly just hung out, ate dinner, and enjoyed each other’s company,” he said.

“But I’ll say that because we’re honest, we do argue, and I’ll tell you right now that Sunday was great, but on Monday, I thought, ‘We might not make it to year two.'”

I don’t get too involved in our business because it was just something that happened. It wasn’t done on purpose. It was just an honest mistake. Often, it’s just a matter of talking.”

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What Rumours Did They Face?

Even when things outside their control tried to make things hard, Hill and Bailey’s willingness to work through the problems kept their marriage strong. The couple’s relationship recently hit another bump when a woman said she had sent Hill naked pictures of herself by email.

When TMZ found Hill and Bailey, they showed the public that there were no problems in paradise.

What Was the Cause of Cynthia and Mike's Divorce

They disagreed with what the woman said and called it annoying gossip. Also, the sportscaster said he would sue the woman if she kept saying bad things about him.

“We’ll take care of it the way it should be,” he told the news source. Hill also said he doesn’t know the woman who accused him, but he hoped she would get help.

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Was Cynthia Bailey’s Divorce Scarring Her?

During her time on “RHOA,” Bailey talked a lot about her relationships. She said she was engaged five times, but the relationship didn’t work out each time.

The story changed when she met Peter Thomas, and they married on the show. Unfortunately, Thomas’s being accused of adultery hurt the couple’s marriage.

It broke up their relationship and killed their love for each other over time. There were also money problems in their marriage, which led Bailey to file for divorce in 2016.

Bailey started dating again after she got divorced, but she didn’t want to get married to anyone. She couldn’t get over the fact that her first marriage didn’t work out, so she chose to live alone.


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Mike Hill Affected Cynthia Bailey’s Marriage Outlook

A few months after her divorce, Bailey, and Hill met during a piece about dating on “The Steve Harvey Show.” Bailey wanted to pick someone else, but Harvey talked her into picking Hill.

After that, Bailey fell in love with Hill right away. She changed her mind about getting married and started thinking about marrying Hill.

“The question I ask myself about Mike is not, ‘Would I marry again?’ It became “Would I Marry Mike? In an interview with ESSENCE in 2019, the former supermodel said, “Yes, I will marry Mike because he feels right.”

“He’s just an individual. “He’s a whole person, and I’m a whole person, too. When we’re together, it’s amazing,” she said. “He makes me happy, and I feel good with him.”

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