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Is Dalton Castle Gay? Know More About Him!

Wrestler Dalton Castle is a well-known name in both amateur and professional wrestling scenes in the United States.
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His date of birth is March 4, 1986, and Albany, New York, serves as his birthplace.
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According to the information that can be found on, Dalton is a popular wrestler who was born in the year 1986. In addition to that, he holds a position on the list of the wealthiest people in the United States. His first name is Dalton, and his surname is Castle. Dalton Castle is his full name.

Dalton Castle Says He Will Never Reveal Sexuality

It is not going to be revealed whether or not Dalton Castle is gay. Castle discussed the topic with Jim Ross on The Ross Report, and they talked about the reasons why his sexuality ought to be kept a secret. He put to rest the notion that he would at any point declare his sexuality.

is dalton castle gay

Castle remarked “I’ve made up my mind about Dalton Castle’s sexual orientation, but I don’t talk about it, I won’t talk about it, and I never will talk about it. I have made up my mind not to inform anyone since I don’t believe that a person’s sexual choice has anything to do with their level of badassness.

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But in your opinion, do you think he’s gay? Sure. Perhaps he doesn’t like gay people. Who is to say? It makes no difference who he faces in the ring because he always manages to give his opponent a good kick in the rear end.

And how will that impact the way you feel about me moving forward?
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Does it make a difference to you as to who I am as a wrestler whether you’re wondering who I’m going home with at the end of the night or who I’m picking up at a bar? I mean,”

He views his participation and performance in wrestling as evidence of advancement in society.

“That’s why I think it’s awesome that wrestling has progressed and that more people are watching, because ten years ago, do you think Dalton Castle could have won the crowd over as a babyface? I don’t think that’s the case.

Right. And it’s amazing that people can accept me just because they’re entertained, despite the fact that I can continue to be the way that I am or act comfortable in there “said Castle.

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He claims that glam rock stars were a greater source of inspiration for him than other wrestlers. He honed his stage persona by studying the live shows of musicians such as David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, and Foxy Shazam.

Castle competes in independent organizations around the entirety of North America, although his primary appearances are at Ring of Honor.

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