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The 25-year-old Kid of LGBTQ+ Ally Jamie Lee Curtis is Trans: is He Also a Gay?

Golden Globe and BAFTA-winning actress Jamie Lee Curtis revealed that her youngest kid is transgender in a new interview with the American Association of Retired Persons magazine.

As she watched “with awe and delight as our boy became our daughter Ruby,” Curtis said in the interview.

Two daughters were born to Curtis and her husband, British screenwriter, composer, pianist, director, and actor Christopher Guest.

While Curtis and Guest’s 34-year-old daughter, Annie, is married and employed as a dance instructor, Ruby, 25, is a computer game editor.

Additionally, Curtis mentioned that he will officiate Ruby and her fiancé’s wedding next year.

The famous Hollywood pair has been married for more than 36 years, but despite this, she told a magazine, “I really aspire to have grandchildren.”

Is Jamie Lee Curtis Gay?

Jamie is a supporter of LGBTQ people, but she has not yet revealed what her own sexual orientation is, despite the fact that she herself is an advocate for such people.

Jamie Lee Curtis Personal Life

Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh welcomed Jamie Lee Curtis into the world on November 22, 1958 in Santa Monica, California.


Her parents were both famous actors who separated in 1962.

Her sister Kelly Curtis is an actress. Her father’s side also included her other half-siblings.

Along with Gigi Garner, who later became a film producer, she was a cheerleader at the Los Angeles all-girls “Westlake School” (now known as the “Harvard-Westlake School”).

Jamie Lee Curtis then enrolled at “Beverly Hills High School.”

She received her diploma from Connecticut’s “Choate Rosemary Hall” in 1976.

She enrolled in the “University of the Pacific” in Stockton, California, after receiving her diploma.

After one semester, she decided to switch her major from social work to acting.

Jamie Lee Curtis Career

She began her acting career in television, appearing in a few episodes of shows like “Charlie’s Angels,” “The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries,” and “Columbo” in 1977.

In the 23 episode military comedy “Operation Petticoat,” which was based on a 1959 film starring his father Tony Curtis, she played Lt. Barbara Duran, a nurse.


The famous horror movie “Halloween,” which went on to become a big smash and was thought to have made the most money as an independent picture at the time, was released the same year she made her acting debut.

She received praise for her performance as Laurie Strode in “Halloween,” which led to offers from several additional horror movies over the following few years.

The Fog, Terror Train, and Prom Night in 1980; Roadgames and Halloween II in 1981; are some of these movies.

She was known as the “scream queen” because of her success in the genre.

She produced a number of television movies in the 1980s, including “She’s in the Army Now” (1981), “Money on the Side” (1982), and “As Summers Die” (1986).

She made a more adaptable choice by leaving the horror genre and playing Ophelia in the 1983 comedy “Trading Places,” which showcased her comedic skills.

Her performance in the movie earned her the “BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role” and helped further her career.

She was able to discard her horror starlet persona and started working on a variety of projects, which received mixed reviews.

In 1984, she appeared as the lead in the films “Love Letters,” “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension,” and “Grandview, USA.”

She appeared in the 1985 film “Perfect” with John Travolta.

In 1987, “A Man in Love,” “Amazing Grace and Chuck,” and “Dominick and Eugene” were all released.

In 1988’s comedy “A Fish Called Wanda,” she played Wanda Gershwitz, for which she received BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations.

She played Megan Turner in the 1989 movie “Blue Steel,” for which she won the “Mystfest Film Festival Award for Best Actress” as well as the “Festival du Film Policier de Cognac Special Mention Award” for her performances.


She co-starred with comedian Richard Lewis in the sitcom series “Anything But Love” from 1989 to 1992 as Hannah Miller.

In 1989, she won the Golden Globe for “Best Actress in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy.”

How Many Biological Children Does Jamie Lee Curtis Have?

Discover the children of Jamie Lee Curtis.

With her husband, playwright Christopher Guest, the Halloween Ends actress has two daughters: Ruby, 25, and Annie, 34.

Is Jamie Lee Curtis Rich?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jamie Lee Curtis will have a staggering $60 million in wealth in 2022.

This is her combined net worth with her husband, comedic mockumentary legend and actor/writer/director/producer Christopher Guest. Since 1984, the two have been married.

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She got engaged to Hollywood set designer J. Michael Riva in the 1980s.

He is the grandson of Marlene Dietrich, a former diva.

Actor Christopher Guest and she were united in marriage on December 18, 1984.

Together with Christopher Guest, she adopted Annie (born in 1986) and Thomas (b. 1996).

After her husband inherited the Barony of Haden-Guest in 1996, she was formally referred to as Lady Haden-Guest.

Her godfather was MCA-Universal CEO Lew Wassermann. She is Jake Gyllenhaal’s godmother.

James Lee Curtis experienced a harsh awakening following the passing of her father, Tony Curtis, when she discovered that she, her children, and her brothers had been left out of his will.

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