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Black Clover Chapter 342: Ichika Explains Why Yami Killed His Clan; Asta Prepares for War

Spoilers for Black Clover chapter 342 were not made available until after two weeks had passed since the chapter was initially scheduled to be released.

This was because the manga went on hiatus for a week, delaying the release of the chapter by one week.

In the chapter before this one, we saw a different side of Ichika, as she went through a range of emotions while describing how grateful she was to Shogun Ryudo Ryuya for rescuing her when she was in a potentially dangerous situation.

In this chapter, we get to see a different side of Ichika. In other words, we were given a glimpse of the complicated inner life that Ichika possesses.

When Asta tried to empathise with Yami Sukehiro’s feelings by describing how she played a similar role in Ichika’s life, Ichika quickly stepped in to defuse the situation.

Yami Sukehiro was upset because Ichika had played a similar role in Asta’s life. The response that Ichika provided was to cut Asta off in the middle of her sentence.

She was adamant about evading any conversation that in any way, shape, or form included her older brother. She was the older sibling.

Ichika badmouthed her brother and claimed that Yami Sukehiro was responsible for the massacre of their entire clan when Asta tried to inquire about the same thing. Asta was trying to find out the reason why the same thing happened.

Yami Sukehiro was the one responsible for the death of every member of their clan.

Since then, fans of Black Clover have been eagerly awaiting the release of chapter 342, while at the same time they have been engaging in conjecture regarding the history of the captain of the Black Bulls.

Chapter 342 Spoilers Expose Yami Sukehiro’s Past

Ichika began relating the “Legend of the Land of the Sun” at the beginning of the events that took place in chapter 342 of Black Clover.

She was overheard relating a story about a dragon with five heads that once caused widespread destruction across the country.


This marked the beginning of the spoilers for the chapter that you are currently reading.

Even though an angelic maiden was able to calm it down, some of its magical power still managed to escape, which is what caused the water around it to turn a dark colour.

The Yami clan was given the responsibility of protecting that territory, which was located in a province that was owned by the Ryudo family and had a space-time distortion that led to hell. The Ryudo family was in charge of the building’s maintenance at all times.

Even though it hasn’t been stated directly, it seems that Ichika’s father was an alcoholic and that he taught her brother how to fight with extreme cruelty when they were younger.

When Ichika’s sister went to check on Ichika’s brother after he was knocked down, Ichika’s father was about to attack her. Ichika’s father was about to attack Ichika’s sister.

During that time, she was hastily making her way towards her brother in order to check on him.

It would appear from this that Ichika and Sukehiro’s mother passed away while she was in the process of giving birth to Ichika, and that after she passed away, their father may have developed an addiction to alcohol and lost custody of the children.

Sukehiro was born after Ichika’s mother passed away.

Because of this, he was unable to exert any control over his feelings whenever he saw the face of her daughter, who resembled his late wife. This caused him to feel an overwhelming sense of loss every time he did so.

Because Ichika’s father believed that she lacked the same level of combat prowess as her brother, he repeatedly struck her. He did this because he didn’t think she deserved any better.

If Sukehiro had been present, she could have prevented Ichika from receiving the blow that was about to be delivered by her father.

The action then moves to a more intimate setting, and we are given a glimpse of Ryuya Ryudo when he was much younger in a flashback that takes place there.

He had the same dream that Julius did, which was to make the world a place where magical power and social standing did not matter, and people of all different backgrounds could coexist peacefully with one another.

Yami Sukehiro is certain that the dream he had was not a terrifying one, despite the fact that he takes it all in good humour and has a nice sense of humour about it.

Ichika then revealed that it was a lie told by her brother, as Yami Sukehiro had slaughtered everyone in their clan when he was only 13 years old, and then fled to a foreign country (The Clover Kingdom), where he lived with Asta.

Yami Sukehiro had done this when he was only 13 years old. After Ichika found out that Yami Sukehiro was the one responsible for this, she decided to reveal this information.

Because of this, Ichika believes that Asta should not put his faith in his leader and that Asta should instead look to other options.

On the other hand, Asta demonstrates his faith in his commander by asserting that she must be incorrect about some aspect of her account given that Yami Sukehiro would not have murdered his family without a good reason.

Ichika never stops harping on the fact that her brother is completely unreliable, despite the fact that Asta is adamantly refusing to acknowledge this fact.

However, Ichika did not believe Asta when she claimed that she was ready to fight him despite the fact that she had prepared herself.

Ichika was more than ready to face Asta, and she quickly whipped out her scroll to demonstrate that she was ready to fight Asta with all of her might this time. Ichika was more than prepared to face Asta.

She then changed into her “Dark Yojutsu: Dark-Cloaked Black Warrior” form, completely ready to deal with the consequences of her actions should she end up killing Asta in the process of using the technique.

Last Words on Black Clover Chapter 342 Reveals

Ichika’s perspective on the events that led up to this moment was displayed in the cliffhanger that was found in Black Clover chapter 342, and it indicated that she did not trust her brother.


The fact that she was just six years old when her entire tribe was slain must have left an indelible mark on the recollection of the incident in her brain. It is impossible for her to consider any other options at this point.

As a result of this, she is ready to fight Asta using all of her strength in order to thwart any of Asta’s attempts to protect Yami Sukehiro. She is prepared to engage Asta in a battle as a result of this.

This fight has the potential to benefit Asta in his training to become a Zetten because it may push him beyond his limits, forcing him to devise a strategy to overcome those limits.

If this happens, Asta will have gained valuable experience that he can apply to his training to become a Zetten.

It is planned that the premiere of Black Clover chapter 342, which will take place on the 30th of October in the year 2022, will take place.

At What Chapter Does Black Clover End?

Only a few pages prior to the airing of the final episode of the Black Clover anime series, the concluding chapter of the Black Clover manga is released.

What Year Will Black Clover End?

The first two seasons of the show, which aired from October 3, 2017, to March 30, 2021, each had a total of 51 episodes.


These seasons ran from 2017 to 2021. The first episode of the series aired on October 3rd.

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Yki Tabata, the creator of the Black Clover manga, recently made an announcement that the series will be put on hold before the conclusion of its current story arc.

This news was shared in a statement that was published in conjunction with Shonen Jump.

Not only have the creators of Black Clover (Studio Pierrot) confirmed that the popular anime series will be getting a fifth season, but they have also revealed that a film based on the series will be released in 2022.

Both of these announcements were made by the same company. In contrast to the film, however, the fifth season of Black Clover will not be made available to the general public until at least the year 2024, and it is possible that it may not be made available until even later.

According to Yuki Tabata, the run of Black Clover will be comparable in length to that of Naruto and One Piece.

After what amounts to at least approximately 500 episodes, the anime will finally reach its conclusion.

You should get ready for a long series because this also suggests that there will be other movies in the series that are sequels that will be released in the interim:)

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