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Aurelion Sol Rework: Riot Kingcobra Reveals the Details of Its Abilities in the Aurelion Sol Rework

The data provided by LoLanalytics indicates that the pick rate for Aurelion Sol is among the lowest seen across the majority of League of Legends ranks.

This is the case for the majority of the ranks. The Star Forger mage is unquestionably a specialist option due to the one-of-a-kind gameplay mechanics he utilises and the relatively high mana requirements he imposes on his teammates.

As was the case with other classes of mage, the increase in the assassin’s meta caused a decline in his pick rate.

This was also the case with other classes of mage. Riot Games has planned to implement a significant update to the gameplay of Aurelion Sol for a considerable amount of time now.

This plan has been in the works for quite some time. The April 2022 Champion Roadmap was the venue in which the announcement was made for the very first time.

Rob “KingCobra” Rosa, the producer who worked on the “Aurelion Sol” update, appeared on an episode of “Devs Spill the Beans” in July of this year, which was broadcast, and provided additional information about the upcoming “CGU” (comprehensive gameplay update).

The programmer has the intention of turning Aurelion Sol into a late-game powerhouse by giving him a scaling kit that will give him abilities that become more powerful as the game progresses.

Ryan “Reav3” Mireles discussed what the developer had planned for the Aurelion Sol rework that was going to take place after the release of K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah in a later video.

This rework was going to take place after the release of K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah. This revision was scheduled to take place after K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah, was made available to the public.

Aurelion Sol Rework: What We Know So Far

Abilities Q (Starsurge) and W (Celestial Expansion) of the Star Forger will undergo major revisions as a result of these changes.

His E (Comet of Legend) has undergone some insignificant alterations, and it’s possible that it will be switched with his W.


The Q ability of Aurelion Sol will change so that he will breathe fire for as long as he has mana. Because of his new W, he can navigate over uneven ground without being forced to move in a straight line.

You will also have the ability to combine his Q and W, transforming him into a dragon that can fly and breathe fire. As seen in the video titled “Devs Spill the Beans,” his E will now release a black hole when used.

The most recent updates provided by Riot KingCobra on Discord were recently posted on a thread on Reddit.

According to him, the Aurelion Sol’s W ability, which will now permit him to fly over terrain, will be “a bit more PvP (Player versus Player) oriented, and has supporting mechanics that aren’t shown/conveyed in the teaser.”

Additionally, it would probably provide him with a buff once his flight has concluded. His R ability is going to be “a completely new ultimate,” and it will have a stronger Star Forge focus.

This indicates that the “black hole” ability that was demonstrated in the “Devs Spill the Beans” video will most likely not be his ultimate.

It would appear that Riot has also extended an invitation to players who specialise in Aurelion Sol to try out the upcoming champion changes.

In the 2022 April Champion Roadmap, Reav3 stated that the Aurelion Sol CGU should be shipped out as soon as possible and that they are aiming to do so before the end of the year.

On the other hand, Riot KingCobra has stated that “what you see in the clips are super WIP (work in progress),” which suggests that the release date could be pushed back to 2023.

Aurelion Sol Rework Release Date

The postponement of the rework was announced on October 18, 2022, via a message sent from Riot King Cobra to the Discord server.

Previous attempts to update Aurelion Sol’s unusual kit in order to make the dragon appear less specialised were unsuccessful, and as a result, he has been stuck in an awkward position for a long time in League of Legends.

The peculiar movement and play pattern that are produced by Aurelion Sol’s constantly rotating stars can be attributed to the fact that he specialises in a particular market niche.

Although some players were disappointed to learn that the rework would be delayed, the majority of players in the community seemed pleased that Riot was willing to hold off on releasing the resident star dragon of Summoner’s Rift in order to guarantee that his abilities would remain unchanged this time.

Previous updates to Aurelion Sol’s new kit included the concept of figuratively and literally forging stars throughout the game, thereby creating a galaxy under the influence of the celestial star god.

Both a channelled fire breath and a toggled flight ability that allows Aurelion to fly over terrain have been demonstrated as potential abilities for the final form of the creature.


The first mid-scope update provided by Aurelion Sol altered the functionality of his stars. Specifically, his expanded radius was converted from a toggle that consumed mana to a temporarily active state.

It was hoped that this would make him experience more moments of unambiguous power and make him feel more straightforward. On the other hand, it did not significantly improve his play rate.

Fans of League of Legends are wildly enthusiastic about the visuals and thematics of Aurelion Sol, but the peculiar kit he is forced to use at the moment has discouraged many players from investing significant time in the serpent.

A Brief About the Early Existence

Aurelion Sol and his ancestors had been around for ages before the appearance of Runeterra Crest symbol, despite having been born at the very beginning of creation. png Runeterra even existed.

They searched the early universe for a way to fill it with wondrous things as they moved through it.

Aurelion Sol’s greatest interest was in the production of stars, and throughout his travels he fashioned solar systems and galaxies.

Because the Aspects were egotistical and uninterested in creation, he avoided associating with them.

He did this because the Aspects were more concerned with their own philosophies than with the process of creation.

When Aurelion Sol went back to one of his earliest creations, he was taken aback to see that there was already a planet orbiting it, despite the fact that he had not created this particular planet.

The Aspects appeared to have strong interests in this realm, Runeterra, which included the emergence of rudimentary civilisations. They pleaded with him to draw nearer so that he could direct the locals.

Aurelion Sol, feeling flattered by the opportunity to have his glory acknowledged, landed upon Mount Targon while assuming the appearance of a cosmic dragon.

The Targonians gave him the name Sol, which is their word for the sun, and the Aspects asked that they make him a present as a way of expressing their gratitude for the name. This was presented to him in the form of a crown made of gold that they gave to him.

The moment it made contact with him, though, it became quite evident that this was not a present.

The crown was affixed to its head and carved with magic so potent that not even he could remove it from its place.

It hampered his abilities and put him squarely under the command of the Aspects. Aurelion Sol became aware of what was going on, but before he could take action, he was flung back into space and barred from approaching Runeterra.

With Aurelion Sol under their control, the Aspects directed his abilities to be poured into the enormous Sun Disc that the mortals had constructed.

Through the use of his power, they transformed ordinary people into god-warriors, and once the first Sun Disc was destroyed, a more potent one took its place.

Aurelion Sol had no choice but to watch as these Ascended were compelled to annihilate not only their foes but also the Void-creatures, and last, themselves.

Why is Aurelion Sol Being Reworked?

The following is what Reav3 had to say about the rework that they are now performing on the champion that Aurelion Sol is in the process of developing:


Our goal is to give the space puppy an entirely new kit that includes significant alterations on par with those seen in other VGUs like Urgot’s or Sion’s, while at the same time ensuring that it is thematically compatible with who he already is.

Did Aurelion Sol Get Reworked?

Fans were not disappointed with Riot’s upgrade, which was a development that had been eagerly anticipated for a long time.

Despite the fact that the makeover at first made him excessively powerful, players have provided positive feedback regarding the changes that have been made.

Riot made the announcement earlier in this year that they will soon be adding a CGU for Aurelion Sol to the preseason 2023 plan. Later on in 2017, it is planned that this upgrade will become active.

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In the massively multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends, the nefarious and playable character Aurelion Sol is also known by his alternate moniker, The Star Forger. In this guise, he is a particularly dangerous opponent.

Aurelion Sol once filled the vast void of the celestial realm with marvels of his own creation, but the Aspects of Targon tricked him into divulging the secrets of a sun that he had created himself by convincing him that he had to in order to save their world.

He is currently the second most successful champion in the game with a win rate of 53.76%, making him the second most successful champion overall.

He now has an A-tier rating as a result of this. Because he is one of the less popular champions in League of Legends, he has been subjected to a significant number of reworks and changes to the game’s balance over the course of its development.

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