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Golden Kamuy Season 4 Release Date: What is Star Cast and Plot?

Even if there aren’t a lot of well-known anime that take place in the area of historical fiction, it doesn’t imply there aren’t any of them at all.

The majority of anime, with a few notable exceptions such as “Vinland Saga,” which is based on the Vikings, and “Demon Slayer,” which is set in Japan during the Taisho period (at least to some extent), has a tendency to tell their stories by heavily relying on science fiction and fantasy worlds.

Among the notable exceptions are “Vinland Saga,” which is based on the Vikings; and “Demon Slayer,” which is set in Japan during the Taisho period On the other side, “Golden Kamuy” is yet another illustration of an anime that is just as aware about and excited about its heritage as either of the two examples that were provided before it.

“Golden Kamuy” is an adventure story that, like “Golden Kamuy,” takes place in Japan in the early 20th century and delves deeply into the history and culture of Japan’s indigenous Ainu people as well as the events that surround the Russo-Japanese War.

Both stories take place in Japan. During the course of the war, both of these occurrences took happened.

In the spring of 2018, the premiere of the first season of the series took place, and it was swiftly followed up by the premieres of two additional seasons within a short length of time.

The television show is an adaptation of the manga of the same name that was authored by Satoru Noda (via Anime News Network).

Now, work on a fourth season is about to begin, and the Japanese animation company Brain’s Base will be in charge of it this time around.


The following material, which refers to the cast of characters and the plot of the upcoming fourth season of “Golden Kamuy,” should be considered in light of this context.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Release Date

It is planned that the first episode of the fourth season will be broadcast for the first time on October 3, 2022.

In addition, the time that it will be published is going to be eleven o’clock at night, which is the equivalent of midnight in Japan Standard Time.

It’s probable that individuals who watch this anime on a regular basis are already aware of this fact; nonetheless, in case you needed a reminder, you may watch it on all three of these various platforms.

Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Amazon Prime Video are the names that each company uses for its streaming service.

It is of the utmost importance that you check each of these platforms, particularly in the case that one of them is unavailable in your region.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Plot

Even though Sugimoto and Asirpa take up the majority of screen time in “Golden Kamuy,” the actual beginning of the story begins with the native Ainu miners who came across the gold.

This is despite the fact that Sugimoto and Asirpa take up the majority of the story’s screen time.

Fights broke out among the miners as soon as they realised how affluent they had become after selling their ore.

After all of their skirmishes, there was only one person left alive, and the Japanese government kidnapped him in order to get information from him regarding the location of the wealth.

However, the final miner made the decision not to hand over the goods and instead tattooed the location of the goods onto the bodies of the other convicts.

This allowed him to escape responsibility for his actions. Sugimoto and Asirpa are among the many people who are interested in learning more about the rumours that are spreading about the secret treasures of the Ainu when the captives break out of their incarceration and begin to run for their lives.
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They had spent the previous three seasons looking for and tracing the tattoos of each other prisoner; however, at this point in their trip, they are no longer travelling together and are instead making their way to Russia on their own.

They had spent the previous three seasons looking for and tracing the tattoos of each other prisoner.
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Sugimoto is looking for his friends who have gone missing while Asirpa is still looking for the treasure.


Sugimoto wants to reunite with his friends, so he is trying to find them. They are both currently stranded in new territory, and neither of them has any idea what to anticipate from the foreign country they are in.

Discover what obstacles lay in wait with the premiere of the fourth season of “Golden Kamuy,” which is now available.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Cast

The events that take place throughout “Golden Kamuy” mostly centre on the exploits of a treasure hunting duo.

The first is a Japanese war veteran named Saichi Sugimoto. He was given the moniker “The Immortal” due to his uncanny ability to remain alive through any crisis.

Sugimoto learns of a hidden cache of gold ore after surviving the Russo-Japanese War. The map to the hidden stash exists in pieces as tattoos on a scattered group of escaped prisoners.

Sugimoto is one of these escaped prisoners. During his travels, he meets Asirpa, an Ainu girl with a grudge against him because her father was one of the Ainu miners who discovered the treasure.

Asirpa wants revenge for the death of her father. The two go through a difficult journey together in order to acquire rich and exact their retribution.

It should come as no surprise that they are not the only ones seeking for the hidden gold.

A diverse cast of individuals, including an ex-con named Shiraishi who has a piece of the treasure map tattooed on his body, travels with them on their quest to find the hidden wealth.

First Lieutenant Tsurumi of the Japanese military, on the other hand, is working against Sugimoto and Asirpa.

Tsurumi goes AWOL in order to search down the riches, and he takes with him a crew of guys that are only loyal to him.

Has Golden Kamuy Anime Ended?

Manga. Golden Kamuy was both written and illustrated by Satoru Noda, and it was published in the seinen manga magazine Weekly Young Jump published by Shueisha between the dates of August 21, 2014 and April 28, 2022.


Its 314 separate chapters were compiled into 31 tanka-bon volumes, which were issued between January 19, 2015 and July 19, 2022.Blue Lock release date: important details you may not miss

How Many Episodes Will Golden Kamuy Season 4 Have?

As a result of the planning that has gone into these new home media releases, the series has revealed that Golden Kamuy Season 4 will consist of a total of thirteen episodes (which is one more than the previous seasons).

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The premiere of the first episode of the show’s first season took place on April 9, 2018, and the premiere of the first episode of the show’s second season took place on October 8, 2018.

The first episode of the third season aired on October 5, 2020, marking the beginning of the new season.
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The premiere of Golden Kamuy Season 4 is scheduled to take place in October of 2022, according to an announcement that was made on the 5th of December, 2021.

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