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Lookism Release Date: a New Korean Animated Series on Netflix Based on a Well-known Webtoon

Both webtoons and manhwas have become popular forms of entertainment in Asia. Should also mention that many of the shows that are based on these aesthetic marvels have been tremendously successful.

Lookism, the most successful webtoon produced by Naver, is being adapted into an animated series by streaming giant Netflix, marking the company’s debut in the animation industry.

Lookism Release Date

The South Korean Netflix anime series was scheduled to debut on the 4th of November, 2022, at twelve in the morning.


On the other hand, Netflix revealed the news of the hold on their Twitter account. This announcement was made on the Twitter page for Netflix Anime on October 31st, 2022, only three short days before the series was scheduled to become available to view.

Lookism Plot

The story of Lookism revolves around a young man named Park Hyeong-seok, a student at a high school, who suddenly discovers that he has a flawless body and a handsome face one morning.

Studio Mir, the same company that produced DOTA: Dragon’s Blood and The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, is responsible for bringing the popular Korean webtoon that will serve as the basis for the animated series to reality.

The webcomic may be followed in its entirety on Naver WEBTOON and LINE Manga. The protagonist of the comic book is confronted with a variety of difficult social challenges throughout the course of the story, which follows the protagonist as he attempts to live his life.

Netflix claims that the webcomic’s serialisation began in 2014 and that it has received 8.7 billion views all around the world.


The following is how the series is described in its canonical synopsis:

“The plot of the animated series, much like that of the webtoon it was based on, explores the subtle ways in which lookism and materialism manifest themselves in the lives of those who live in modern society,”

The streaming service mentioned the following about the animation artists who were responsible for the series on their website:

“Exclusive character designers have brought the key characters from the original manga to life by giving them vibrant voices, dynamic direction, and exquisite effects,” the author of the original manga says.

This series will bring excitement and fresh discoveries through its captivating episodes, which will have a somewhat different vibe compared to the original manga.

The audience is provided with a somewhat accurate preview of the film in the form of the Lookism trailer.

It shows the contrast between a boy who is bullied because of his weight because he is fat and a boy who is bullied because he is gorgeous because he receives an excessive amount of attention because he is handsome.

The idea that they are the same person trapped inside of numerous bodies is used as a commentary on how society perceives people who are overweight in the show.

Not only will it discuss the practise of body shaming, but it will also discuss the ways in which high school is becoming an unhealthy atmosphere for students.

The Korean drama explains the pressure that they face when they are away from their homes in places that are thought to be safe.

It will be interesting to see how the main character deals with all of this pressure.

What is the Story of Netflix’s First Original Webtoon Animation?

There have been adaptations of many well-known webcomics into television shows, with “Business Proposal” and “True Beauty” being two of the most well-known examples.

On the other hand, Netflix’s Lookism is the first original animated version of a webtoon that the streaming service has produced.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, “webtoons” are simply comic strips or cartoons that are published on the internet.And the most popular Webtoon may be found on Naver, its host site.

Lookism, which was first published on Naver in 2014 and quickly became one of the most popular works ever, was created by the talented webtoon artist Park Tae Jun.

When Will ‘lookism’ Be Available on Netflix?

The Netflix Original anime adaptation is scheduled to debut on November 4th, according to recent reports.


The animation is being handled by Studio Mir. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt were also earlier projects that it collaborated on.

Webtoon readers who are looking forward to seeing the series are quite excited.
ATEEZ, one of the most popular boy bands in South Korean pop music, will provide the show’s original theme song.

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The implementation of Lookism will be delayed as a result of the sad events that occurred in Seoul in late October 2022.

On Halloween, there were 156 fatalities and 151 injuries.

Many people went out celebrating the holiday.

This was the nation’s most significant accident that occurred during a time of relative calm. On Halloween night in the South Korean capital, one of the most rowdy celebrations of the year took place, and a crowd surge took place during it.

This is when the accident took place. The streets of the Itaewon area, which are famous for their lively nightlife, were packed with more than one hundred thousand people.

When the celebration was taken into account, the majority of the victims were members of younger generations.

The disaster occurred as a result of the surge in celebration crowds that occurred in the tiny streets and lanes of Itaewon.

Recently, the Seoul police have admitted that they are to blame for the catastrophe because they were unable to control the throng and allowed an excessive number of people into the district.

Since the sinking of a ferry in 2014, which resulted in more than three hundred deaths, this is believed to be the greatest natural disaster in the history of South Korea.

As a result of the disaster, the South Korean entertainment industry has been forced to postpone the production of hundreds of series, films, and music acts.

Lookism, along with The Fabulous, is the band that has received the greatest attention from the public.

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