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Yotsuba to Chapter 109: Release Date, Where to Read and Other Spoilers

Date of publication of the next chapter in the Yotsuba to! manga series, which is a well-known slice-of-life manga series from Japan people all over the world are incredibly excited to know what is going to happen next in the life of our lovely young girl Yotsuba, as it has just been announced that there will be a new episode.

Yotsuba to! or Yotsuba&! is a manga series written and illustrated by renowned Japanese manga artist Kiyohiko Azuma.

This is the same man who wrote one of the most well-known comedy manga, Azumanga Daioh, so the series is sure to be hilarious.

The first chapter of the manga series was released on March 21, 2003, in the monthly magazine Dengeki Daioh published by ASCII Media Works.

The manga series is still bringing joy to millions of people, and there are currently about 15 volumes available of the series.

To the contrary! Describes the experiences of a young girl as she grows up and attempts to understand the world around her with the help of her father, other family members, friends, and neighbours.

In addition to this, the Yotsuba to! characters from the manga! appeared in the one-shot manga series titled “Try!,” as well. Try! Try! ” by the same people that created it.


Before diving headfirst into the Yotsuba to release date, let’s take a moment to! After reading Chapter 109, we now have a better understanding of the life of our protagonist.

Yotsuba to! Chapter 109 Release Date?

The publication of Yotsuba to! Chapter 109 is scheduled to take place on November 5, 2022 at 5:30 pm, which is the equivalent of 5:30 pm in the Japanese Standard Time zone.

The following is a rundown of the various times that Yotsuba to! Chapter 109 will be made available to us:

For Singapore, it will release at 05:00 pm (November 5, 2022)
For Australia, it will release at 08:00 pm (November 5, 2022)
For the Philippines, it will release at 05:00 pm (November 5, 2022)
For Korea, it will release at 06:00 pm (November 5, 2022)

Yotsuba to! Chapter 109 Plot

The tale told by Yotsuba is quite virtuous, and it is the kind of tale that may be read to cheer one up when they are having a particularly trying time of life.

This is the kind of manga that will make you crack a grin as you’re reading it. Yotsuba Koiwai is a lively young girl who, along with her father, has recently relocated to a new town.

The protagonist of this tale is Yotsuba. Yotsuba goes on some kind of journey at the beginning of each chapter that we read.

The names of the individual chapters serve as the means by which each adventure is differentiated from the others.

All of the titles are referred to as Yotsuba and some other word. The author of the manga, Kiyohiko Azuma, is able to convey the delights of infancy via his storytelling, which is one of the reasons why Yotsuba’s story is so engaging despite the fact that the plot itself sounds pretty straightforward.

He achieves this by telling the tale from Yotsuba’s point of view, which is the perspective that the audience is most familiar with.

Yotsuba is still a young girl, and as a result, she does not have a lot of experience or knowledge about the wider world.

Despite this, she still has a tremendous amount of curiosity about everything. She has a way of finding joy in things that we grownups tend to overlook or take for granted, and she questions many of the things that are going on around her.

Aside from that, the depiction of the ways in which the other characters interact with Yotsuba is really strong.

The vast majority of the characters will address her as an adult rather than a youngster when they speak to her.

They are aware that she is still a child and that she will have many questions about things that seem like straightforward ideas to them but are entirely foreign to her.


As a result, they teach her about a wide range of topics, but they are also aware that she may become discouraged or angry along the way.

Our little protagonist goes through a significant amount of development as a result of being forced to learn how to triumph over these challenges.

She is aware that even if she is unable to complete a task on her own, she still has the option of seeking assistance from others.

Yotsuba does not have a fear of being rejected, and this lack of inhibition on her part results in numerous funny exchanges amongst the characters throughout the novel.

Because he talks to her and treats her like a child, Yotsuba despises her buddy Yonda, and bringing this up may have made you think of how Yotsuba despises her friend Yonda.

Although Yonda could be considered a negative influence on Yotsuba, it is amusing to observe how sweet and affectionate they can be toward one another.

Where Can You Read Yotsuba to! Chapter 109 Online?

Yen Press, the company’s primary online distributor, has a website where you can purchase both the digital and printed versions of the official edition of Yotsuba to! Chapter 109.

In addition to being available in the English language, Yotsuba to! is also obtainable in the following languages: Spanish, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, Turkish, and Simplified Chinese.


We strongly encourage that you always use official sites and show support for the hard work that the creator has put in, even though there are other pirated websites that are also giving the manga series for free.

Does Yotsuba Have a Plot?

It tells the story of a young girl named Yotsuba and her everyday exploits as she explores the world around her with the help of her adoptive father, their neighbours, and their other friends and acquaintances.

Azuma’s “Try! Try!,” which was a one-shot manga series, introduced several of the characters that would later appear in Yotsuba&!.

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Yotsuba Koiwai (, Koiwai Yotsuba) is shown as a lively young girl of five years old who has a childlike sense of wonder about the universe. She has an inexplicable and contagious excitement for almost everything.

She fled her homeland in North Korea. Koiwai was able to locate her in a different nation, which is presumably “to the left” (Korea is to the left of Japan on most maps).

Her biological parents educated her to be wary out of concern that they would become political prisoners too.

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