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Ned Segal Net Worth: How Much Money Ned Segal is Worth, His Age, His Biography, His Wife and His Family

According to the information presented on Ned’s LinkedIn profile, he is the Chief Financial Officer for Twitter. In this role, he is responsible for “leading the company’s finance functions along with corporate developments and partnership.”

According to a report by CNBC as well as the information available on Ned’s LinkedIn profile, he has been employed by Twitter for the past five years.

On the other hand, according to reports, Elon’s takeover resulted in the authority being terminated on Thursday evening.

Prior to teaming forces with Twitter, Segal served as a Director and Member of the Audit Committee for Beyond Meat, where he had been employed previously.

Beyond Meat is a plant-based meat company that was established in 2009 by Ethan Brown and is located in Los Angeles. Beyond Meat was the first company of its kind.

In 1996, Ned received his Bachelor of Science degree in Science from Georgetown University.

After that, he became an employee of Goldman Sachs, where he remained for close to 17 years of his professional life.


According to a number of stories, Ned Segal, Parag Agrawal, and Vijaya Gadde, who was in charge of the company’s legal policy, have all resigned from their positions at the social media outlet.

Ned Segal Net Worth

Ned has accumulated a total net worth of $55 Million by the year 2022. Previously served as Twitter’s Chief Financial Officer

Ned Segal Personal Life

Ned was born on April 14, 1974, which means that he is currently 48 years old. His birthday is on April 14.

He was born in the city of San Francisco, which is situated within the territory of California, in the country of the United States of America.


He was born in the first month of the Aries zodiac.

He received his diploma from a local private high school, where he had been a student during his whole education.

He attended Georgetown University and earned his Bachelor of Science degree there in the year 1996. He received his education at that school.

Ned is a committed family man and is married to his partner. Maya Segal is the name of the lady who is married to the man. They went through with the wedding in the year 2000.

They have been bestowed with the gift of parenthood in the form of three offspring as a couple: two sons and a daughter, but we are unaware of their individual names.

Ned Segal’s father is named David Segal, and his mother is named Lynne Segal; both of their names are Segals ( Mother).

His older brother and sister are both older than him. There are three children in this family: two brothers and one sister.

Ned is well-known due to his previous position as Chief Financial Officer of Twitter.
At this point in time, he is 48 years old.

The name of the man who was responsible for his upbringing is David Segal.The man’s mother’s name is Lynne Segal, and her last name is Segal.


He has two brothers and one sister on either side of him, making him the middle child of three.Maya Segal is the name of the lady who is married to the man.

What is Twitter deal with Ned?

The owner of Tesla made the announcement in April of this year that he is considering purchasing Twitter and that he has made an offer for the same at a price of approximately $43.4 billion.

Later, in a filing with the SEC, he disclosed that he would be willing to pay cash for the share that he does not already own.

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There is no mention of Ned Segal on Wikipedia. Despite this, his bio and career are both available on his LinkedIn profile for anyone interested.

In 1996, he received his Bachelor of Science degree from Georgetown University. He attended that institution.

He is very involved in the community and the non-profit sector as a volunteer. Segal is a very involved member of the board of directors for the Tipping Point Community.

He served on the Lick-Wilmerding High School Board of Trustees in the past.

Ned Segal and his family currently reside in San Francisco, together with Maya Segal, his wife and their three children.

The pair has been married for more than twenty years and has had three beautiful children throughout that time.

In his spare time, Segal likes to take strolls around the neighbourhood and watch his children compete in various sports.

Attending games of the Warriors and the Fiants and Niners is something he looks forward to.

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