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Jennifer Lawrence Accuses Someone Else Of Her Film Failures

Jennifer Lawrence has shown that she is one of the best A-list movie stars of our time. Lawrence’s career took off when she gave great performances opposite stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper.

Her acting skills and dedication to her craft helped her become a star. According to a report in the New York Times, Jennifer Lawrence has been unhappy with her career as of late. She blames a string of bad scripts and decisions by her agents to keep her in blockbuster flops instead of praised independent films.

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Jennifer Lawrence is currently on tour to promote her new independent movie, Causeway. It’s a return to form for an actress who has been at the top of franchises in recent years. Lawrence won an Academy Award for her lead role in the 2012 movie Silver Linings Playbook. Since then, she has continued to play Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games movies and has appeared in other X-Men movies.

Her agents kept her from going back to the independent films that made her famous, like Winter’s Bone, which made her a star. Lawrence has been refreshingly honest about why many of her recent movies have bombed because of this decision.

Jennifer Lawrence is a huge box office draw, thanks in large part to her work in well-known franchises. However, she realized that talented directors whose work she admired weren’t sending her scripts.

Lawrence told the New York Times that at the time, her agents told her that “her audience wouldn’t understand” the smaller, independent movies she was interested in and that they would probably rather see her in big-budget movies. After X-Men: Dark Phoenix did so badly at the box office in 2019, Lawrence reportedly fired her CAA agents and did a Matthew McConaughey, and went back to making independent films.

Not that Jennifer Lawrence was ever completely out of the running. Since she broke into the independent movie market, the actor has made a string of successful hit films. She has worked with director David O.

Russell a lot, and Lawrence has been nominated for Oscars in three of his movies alone. But Lawrence seems to be where she is now because of her desire to work with talented directors. She is working hard to define her career on her own terms.

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Jennifer Lawrence recently dropped out of a high-profile project with director Adam McKay in which she would have played a version of disgraced businesswoman Elizabeth Holmes, who Amanda Seyfried played this year in a role that won an Emmy.

Lawrence thought that Seyfried’s work should be able to stand on its own, so she decided not to work with her again on a project that was similar to that one.

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