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How, Messi and Ronaldo, The Greatest Football-Rivalry, Came Together For an Ad?

People are talking about this picture of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, two of the best football players in history, playing chess.

The photo uploaded on Ronaldo’s Instagram Page has more than 29 million likes, and the photo on Messi’s Instagram Page has more than 23 million likes. This is the sixth most-liked photo ever on Instagram, and it’s very likely to become the most-liked photo ever. Don’t forget about the Twitter accounts that have been shared a lot. So many stories are being written about this picture. Why does it stand out?

First of all, Messi and Ronaldo have always worked for brands that compete with each other. Messi pushed Adidas, while Ronaldo pushed Nike. Messi was the face of Pepsi, while Ronaldo was the face of Coca-Cola (Later He Pulled Out). This was the first time that the two designers worked together on a single brand, Louis Vuitton. This picture is different because of that.

Louis Vuitton has come up with a brilliant way to market itself before the World Cup 2022, which will start soon in Qatar. Messi, who plays for Argentina, and Ronaldo, who plays for Portugal, could be done with the World Cup after this one. Louis Vuitton wrote this when they posted this picture: “Victory is a State of Mind.”

Annie Leibovitz took a picture of Cristiano and Messi for Louis Vuitton. The Maison has a long history of making trunks for the most coveted sports trophies in the world. It also honors two of the best football players in the world today.”

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Messi and Ronaldo are playing chess on the same trunk that was used to show off the trophy for the 2018 World Cup Football.

Why did they use chess in this picture? All the chess fans who looked at the position closely saw that it was a position from the 2017 Norway Chess between Carlsen (White) and Nakamura (Black).

Carlsen and Nakamura are two of the world’s best players. And this game ended in a tie, even though there were some interesting attacks and defenses. Messi and Ronaldo are rivals, but the fact that they are sitting across from each other and playing chess shows that they are about the same strength.

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