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Where Is Weed Legal in the World?

Weed or marijuana is easily available in Amsterdam for many years now. Amsterdam has been the weed capital of the world for long. You will find many cafes in the city where marijuana and various forms of cannabis products are available. But this Dutch city is not alone. Many other countries and cities in Europe and elsewhere in the world have allowed it to be sold. In the US too, 21 states and also Guam and Washington D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana. Many allow its medical use. Several other countries too are taking a fresh look at their weed laws.

Cannabis tourism or weed travels is growing, especially among those who must visit a place where pot is legal. Read this guide to know more about how weed is growing in popularity and to find where weed is recreationally legal in the world 2022.

Countries Where Marijuana Is Legal

Many countries have legalized drug laws for tourists and also for the locals. Some have decriminalized it, while others still have strict laws for possessing and smoking weed. As many as 50 countries have already legalized its use. Countries where weed is legal include Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Georgia, Ireland, Jamaica, Italy, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Portugal, San Marino, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Zimbabwe, and many others.

There are unique cannabis laws for adult use in some countries. For example, it is still illegal in India, but the country makes an exception for bhang. Germany allows only medical use for patients.

However, the country has recently decided to completely legalize cannabis for recreational purposes. South Korea limits access to Sativex, Epidiolex, and Marinol. Sweden too limits its use only for patients by prescription.

Is Weed Legal in Europe

Europe has 44 countries. All of them have their own separate cannabis laws, though some of them overlap. This is why many cannabis lovers book weed trips to find the best sativa and other products.

Many of them are cool countries to visit with many awesome attractions and activities.

List of Countries Where Weed Is Legal In Europe


  • Germany – The country allowed medical use in 1998. The Dronabinol has expanded significantly over the years. Recently, Germany has moved to allow the use of recreational cannabis.
  • Spain – Barcelona allows the residents to grow up to two plants in their homes. You can smoke legally in the city in a personal residence or a weed club.

    Here’s a map of Barcelona cannabis clubs to help you find a club where smoking is allowed.

  • England UK – The UK allowed medical use in 2018. However, possession can still be penalized.
  • Portugal – Portugal has decriminalized the possession and use of recreational cannabis in 2001. Its medical use is also legal. However, you can still be prosecuted for having more than 25 cannabis grams. There is a limitation on the quantity like Barcelona.
  • Switzerland – The recreational use of weed has been decriminalized in the country in 2013. Switzerland allows the same of marijuana will less than 1% THC. Its medical use is completely legal. Switzerland is currently whether to allow its recreational use completely too.
  • Belgium – Like Switzerland, Belgium too has decriminalized the use of weed. Any adult more than 18 years of age can carry up to 3 grams. And like Barcelona, there are many marijuana social clubs throughout the country as well. Belgium’s medical cannabis program is limited only to Sativex.
  • Italy – Italy has also decriminalized possession of marijuana for personal use. However, drivers can be fined for carrying it. The license can also be suspended. The court has also ruled that a small amount can be grown at home for personal consumption. There are no restrictions on its legal use. Hemp products having a low THC can also be sold, which is why you will find oils and soaps.
  • Norway – Norway passed laws in 2017 allowing the decriminalization of cannabis. The doctors too can legally prescribe marijuana for medical use.
  • Denmark – You can possess cannabis up to 10 kg without breaking any laws. The country legalized medical use of cannabis in 2018. However, access is still limited to Marinol and Sativex.

Austria, Croatia, Czechia, Malta, and Romania have also decriminalized the use of cannabis.

List of Countries Where Weed Is Illegal In Europe

  • France – This west European country medical use in 2013 but its recreational use is still illegal. The country has one of the strictest laws prohibiting its recreational use in the western world. However, in 2018, France reduced the penalty for possessing.
  • Sweden – Only medical use is allowed, but it is still highly restricted. For example, licenses were allowed to only two patients in 2017 for a low strain of THC. Only Sativex and Dronabinol are available by prescription. Recreational use is completely disallowed.
  • Ireland – Both recreational and medical use are not allowed. However, in 2019, Ireland allowed two medical products for patients who qualify.
  • Finland – Finland too, completely prohibits its use. However, possession might just lead to a fine. Jail terms are rare. There is a movement currently in Finland, demanding decriminalization. However, no change has yet happened.
  • Iceland – The country allows the import of CBD for personal use. Iceland also allows Sativex by prescription. However, weed largely remains illegal in the country.
  • Greece – In 2019, Greece allowed many cultivators to grow medical cannabis. However, its medical operation is yet to start. Recreational weed use is still illegal. Possession is a serious crime that can lead to a prison sentence for five months. A second offence can cause a sentence for up to five years.

In What African Countries Is Weed Legal

It is legal in Malawi, Morocco, Rwanda, and South Africa. Ghana has legalized THC with less than 0.3 percent.

Is Weed Legal in South American Countries?

Many South American countries like Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Peru have decriminalized weed and allowed its medical use.

The laws regarding weed legalization in Europe and in other parts of the world are changing frequently. Many countries have recognized its medical benefits. The weed rules for its recreational use are also getting less strict.

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