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Corpse Husband Face Reveal: How Does Corpse Face Look Like?

Corpse Husband is one of the most famous people on the internet, but he has mostly kept his face hidden. But after Dream’s big reveal, fans are now hoping that Corpse Husband’s face will be shown soon, so we can finally see what he looks like.

Corpse Husband is quickly becoming a big name on the internet. In just a few years, he has gained 1.3 million followers on Twitch, 3.9 million on Twitter, and more than 500 million streams of his songs on Spotify. The mystery behind the mask has always been a big part of what made the mysterious character so interesting.

Since he’s never shown his face in public, even though he’s promised to, fans get very excited whenever even a little bit of possible information comes out.

Has Corpse Husband Ever Shown His Face?

Corpse Husband Face Reveal

Corpse has shown his “Face” in the past, but whether or not it’s his real face is up for debate.

Corpse added a longer shot to the end of a “Haha” TikTok video in 2021. There are a number of seconds that seem to show the creator. Here, you can see him with his hand over his face as wings come into view from the shadows.

Even though there is no direct proof that this is a real picture and the fact that it looks like it has been heavily edited, fans are going crazy over the partial face reveal.

“Yes,” “Sorry,” “Gasped,” and “Jaw Dropped,” or variations on those words, are the most common words in the comments section of the video. After that, people’s reactions to the image range from being too thirsty to being hilarious.

Adding to the fact that Corpse’s fans are lustful, there were a lot of responses like “Weird way to propose, but yes,” and fan art of the moment started appearing within hours of the TikTok being posted.

With the knowledge that his fans would react this way to anything that even remotely resembled a face reveal, it’s clear that Corpse is a master at getting his fans excited.

This time, though, the picture has been heavily edited, and people’s reactions ranged from disappointment to anger when they realized it wasn’t real.

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Will Corpse Husband Reveal His Face?

Corpse Husband Face Reveal

Corpse has never said that he will show what he looks like, unlike his fellow creator Dream. Dream talked a lot about his face coming out before he actually did it, which caused mass hysteria when he did.

It’s also important to remember that Dream’s face reveals led to a lot of bad things, like a flood of mean memes and jokes on social media. After seeing this reaction, it’s possible that Corspe will decide not to show his whole face.

On top of that, Corpse’s mystery is part of what makes him so interesting. Not just his face, but also his voice, which is very deep.

So, the streamer and musician could decide to keep his face hidden forever, but that could limit his future options, especially when it comes to things like going to events in person.

Even so, some creators have met Corpse Husband and know what he looks like. For example, Valkyrae was in one of his music videos, so she knows what he looks like.

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