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Release Information for Diggstown Season 5: Cast, Storyline, and More

The next season of the TV show Diggstown, which is a legal drama, will be Season 5. The show is about Marcie Diggs and her life. Marcie is a very good Corporate Lawyer, which is what she does for a living.

She was happy and making a lot of money. She was close to her Aunt Rolanda, and they surfed together often.

Rolanda was a supervisor at Jameson House, where she worked. Kids who used to go there were sexually abused, it was found out. Rolanda didn’t know this, but she is still being charged with this.

Diggstown Season 5 Possible Release Date

If our guesses are right, the 5th season of the show will debut on CBC’s huge streaming service at the end of 2023. But at this point, it’s just an educated guess on our part, and we’ll let you know more when we find out more.

What Is The Storyline Of Diggstown

Gabriel Caine, played by James Woods, is a smooth-talking con man who, after getting out of jail in Georgia, joins up with his partner in crime, Fitz, played by Oliver Platt, and travels to the small town of Diggstown.

Diggstown Season 5 Release Date
Diggstown Season 5 Release Date

Fitz and Caine made a bet with Diggstown’s richest person, a former boxing manager named John Gillon (played by Bruce Dern), that they knew someone who could beat all ten of Diggstown’s best boxers in a single day.

Once Caine has “Honey” Roy Palmer, an older boxer and an old friend played by Louis Gossett Jr., the con can officially begin.


Cast and crew of Diggstown Season 5

There are some well-known and talented actors in this show, such as

Vinessa Antoine Marcie Diggs
Brandon Oakes Doug Paul
Shailene Garnett Iris Beals
C. David Johnson Reggie Thompson
Natasha Henstridge Colleen MacDonnell
Dwain Murphy Avery Mueller
Arlene Duncan Velma Diggs
Maurice Dean Wint Austin Diggs

Where to Watch Season 5 of Diggstown

Fans outside of the United States can watch the show on a number of popular streaming services. First of all, you can watch the first three seasons of Diggstown on Amazon Prime Video. But you can watch the whole show on the Official Website of the CBC.


If you want to watch the show, make sure you have a subscription to one of the Streaming services listed above. The show has a score of 6.4/10 on IMDB. Diggstown is a great show, and if you like legal dramas, you’ll love it.

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