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City of Dreams: Release Date, Cast, Plotline and Many More We Know So Far About It?

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  • City of Dreams Movie Release Date
  • City of Dreams Cast
  • City of Dreams Plot
  • City of dream Trailer
  • Conclusion

“City of Dreamer” which is going to be released in cinemas sometime soon. The movie is based on a true story and tells the story of a dreamer boy Jesus who lives in Mexico. Whose dream is to become a football star.

His dream of becoming a football star is shattered when he is sold into a fast fashion factory in Downtown Los Angeles in another country.

In the beginning he gets mixed up with other people. He keeps his head down and follows the 18-hour workdays set by the chief captor of the operation, El Jefe.

When he finds out that a little girl has gone missing from there, his only goal/target becomes to escape and run away from there.


Director Mohit Ramchandani
Producer Mohit Ramchandani, Rufus Parker, Jon Graham, Matt Diezel
Screenwriter Mohit Ramchandani
Distributor Roadside attractions
Production Co. P2 Film
Genre Mystery, Thriller, Drama
Original Language English
Release Date


Runtime 2h7m

What Will Be the Release Date of the “City of Dreams” Movie?

The long-term wait is finally going to end. Yes, you heard it right! The long-awaited movie is set to be released soon. The movie “City of Dreams” will hit screens on August 30, 2024, with a bang. Get ready for an incredible journey.

Who Are the Main Cast Members of the Upcoming Movie “City of Dreams”?

  • Ari Lopez as Jesús
  • Alfredo Castro as El Jefe
  • Paulina Gaitán
  • Diego Calva as Carlitos
  • Renata Vaca as Elena

What Do We Know About the Upcoming “City of Dreams” Movie?

City of Dreams Movie 2024 Release Date

Ramchandani directed the film based on his own script, with Rufus Parker from P2 Films, Jon Graham, and Matt Diezel handling production and financing. Aparicio was involved along with EPs Luis Mandoki and Daljit DJ Parmar from Original Entertainment.

City of Dreams is based on a true story that follows Jesus, a young boy living in Mexico. Jesus, who is a young farmer. Who dreams of playing for his local soccer team Club Puebla.

Jesus’ father has convinced him to leave his house. But it is later revealed that he has been sold to a factory located in an old house in Downtown Los Angeles.

In the beginning he gets mixed up with other people. He keeps his head down and follows the 18-hour workdays set by the chief captor of the operation, El Jefe.

Despite everything, Jesus finds solace in Elena (Vaca), a girl who was similarly betrayed and sent to America under the guise of attending a fashion school. When Elena goes missing and another co-worker, Carlitos (Calva), is severely beaten for confronting El Jefe, Jesus realizes his only way out is a daring escape.

The music for “City of Dreams,” written and directed by Mohit Ramchandani, is composed by Lisa Gerrard, while the editing is done by Matthew Diezel.

Trailer for “City of Dreams”!

The official trailer for “City of Dreams” hasn’t been released yet by the creator. So, there’s no official trailer for the show at this time.

Where to Watch the Movie “City of Dreams”?

The long-term wait is finally going to end. The movie “City of Dreams” is about to be released, and everyone is eagerly waiting. “City of Dreams” is coming to a cinema near you. Get ready to watch the upcoming movie.


Ramchandani emphasized that “City of Dreams” has no political bias or agenda. It simply shows you, from the perspective of a young boy, what it would be like to have your dreams stolen and replaced with the nightmarish reality of slavery. His story is just one among over 2.8 million undocumented migrants who crossed the border in 2023, and whose forced labor is an indelible stain on numerous corporate products.

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