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Who is Klay Thompson Dating? When Did Klay and Carleen Henry Broke Up?

Klay Thompson will probably be remembered as one of the best shooters in history. The new NBA champion has been talked about because of who he has dated in the past. It is said that his ex-girlfriend, Hannah Stocking, is now dating NBA player Rudy Gobert, who is seven feet tall.
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Thompson is seeing Liz Allen from Spider-Man: Homecoming, who is played by Laura Harrier. Klay and Laura are often seen together at events like the Oscars and the All-Star Game. Klay and Carleen Henry started dating in 2018. Klay had just broken up with American model Carleen Henry.
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Who is Laura Harrier?

Who Is Klay Thompson Dating

Laura Harrier is an American actress and model. She started modelling when she was 17 years old, but Spider-Man: Homecoming, in which she played Liz Allan, is where she is best known. Since Klay Thompson started dating Laura in 2018, she is also well-known to NBA fans as Klay’s girlfriend.

Klay and Laura began dating around the time the movie BlacKkKlansman came out in 2018. The couple started leaving hints about their relationship on their social media profiles and were often seen on vacations.

There were rumours that the couple broke up during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, but there are now reports that they are back together.

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Klay Thompson’s Personal life

Who Is Klay Thompson Dating
Klay Thompson and Laura Harrier.

Mychel, Thompson’s older brother, played basketball for Pepperdine University and for a short time with the Cavaliers in the NBA. Trayce, Thompson’s younger brother, went on to play baseball in Major League Baseball.

Thompson caused a lot of trouble when he got a misdemeanour criminal citation for marijuana possession and was suspended for his last regular season game at WSU. Thompson and his father won the NBA title together in 2015.

They joined Matt Guokas Sr. and Jr., Rick and Brent Barry, and Bill and Luke Walton as the only other father-son teams to do so.
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Gary Payton and his son Gary Payton II, who played on Klay’s team, became the latest father-and-son duo to win the title together in 2022.

Thompson is known for having a dry sense of humour that isn’t typical. He has a dog named Rocco who is an English bulldog.

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Who Is Klay Thompson Dating
Klay Thompson and Magnus Carlsen.

Thompson gave $1,000 for every point he scored at home against the Washington Wizards, Toronto Raptors, and Detroit Pistons in late October 2017 to help people affected by the wildfires in Northern California in October 2017.

Thompson was able to raise that to $5,223 per point with the help of sponsors and fans. He ended up raising $360,374 by getting 69 points over the course of three games.

Thompson plays chess a lot and has met Magnus Carlsen, who is the world champion.

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