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Rasheeda is Expecting a Child Reality Star Announces Pregnancy

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, a couple on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, has become one of the least-liked couples on the show. This is mostly because Kirk has cheated on Rasheeda in the past and had children with other women.

But on this season of Love & Hip Hop, Rasheeda thinks she might be pregnant and the couple might be having another child.

Rasheeda Said on the Show “Love & Hip Hop” That She Might Be Pregnant

Rasheeda and Kirk grew apart during her last pregnancy, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped them from talking about having another child together.

Rasheeda said on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta that she and Kirk had talked about having more kids together, so they could have a total of three. She also said that some signs she’s been having make her wonder if she might be pregnant.

Kannon is the youngest of Kirk’s children. He was born in 2016 after Kirk had an affair. Christopher is his oldest child and is 30 years old. Kirk Jr., Cherry, and Kelsie are his other three children from Kirk’s ex-girlfriend Kellie Harris.

Is Rasheeda Pregnant? Reality Star Confirms Pregnancy?

Is Rasheeda with a child? If you’re a big fan of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, you’ve probably seen the super trailer in which Rasheeda tells her husband Kirk Frost that she’s pregnant. Most husbands would be happy to hear this, but Kirk tells her in the trailer that he needs a blood test because she is a rapper and most rappers cheat on their partners and spouses.

is rasheeda pregnant
is Rasheeda pregnant

Rasheeda didn’t like Kirk’s request, but there is a lot of talk going around these days about Rasheeda’s uterus. Rasheeda is supposed to keep quiet about how her “pregnancy” is going, but her Twitter account made it clear to many that she was pregnant. Here’s the tweet that most people are taking as proof that she’s still pregnant.

Here is a list of all the rumors we know about so far. For one thing, we’ve heard that Mona wanted Rasheeda and Kirk to stay on the show because K. Michelle finally told Rasheeda that she couldn’t do any more scenes with her, so she made up the whole “pregnancy storyline.”

On the other hand, some people say Rasheeda is not pregnant right now and that something will happen in the season that will stop her from carrying the baby to full term. Some say it was a miscarriage, while others say she chose to get rid of the baby and have a “procedure” done as Joseline did in the first season.

Either way, we’ve heard crazy rumors that she had an affair with Lil Scrappy, which is the only reason Kirk asked for the blood test.


Even though that rumor doesn’t seem true, all we can say for now is that we’ll have to wait until April 22 when the show comes back. But for now, Rasheeda’s baby bump is on the radar. But she doesn’t look pregnant in her most recent Instagram photos, so maybe it’s too soon to tell.

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