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What is Riches on Prime Video about?

Riches is a British drama television series created by Abby Ajayi that stars Deborah Ayorinde, Hugh Quarshie, and Sarah Niles.

It will premiere in the United Kingdom on 22 December 2022, first on ITVX and then on ITV at a later date. It debuted on Amazon Prime Video in the United States on December 2, 2022.

What is “riches” About?

Details have been kept under wraps, but “Riches” revolves around the Richards family, or should we say the Richards family, as it soon becomes clear that the recently deceased patriarch Stephen had two.

That makes competing for his estate and control of Flair & Glory, Stephen’s black-owned and operated business, all the more difficult.

What is Riches on Prime Video about?

When Stephen’s estranged ex-pat children, Nina (Deborah Ayorinde) and her brother Simon (Emmanuel Imani), return to the fold, Nina is placed in charge of Flair & Glory and her father’s legacy, much to her and the family’s surprise.

Is Nina up to the challenge? Is she even willing to be? Will her family kill her before she has a chance to decide?

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How to Watch Amazon’s New Drama Series ‘riches’

They say you should never mix family and business.

It doesn’t make for great relationships, but it does make for great television, as has been proven time and again.

At least, that’s what “Riches” hopes for. The newest Original Series from Prime Video follows the wealthy, UK-based Richards family as they fight over their cosmetics empire following the unexpected death of patriarch, businessman, and company founder Stephen Richards.

The cataclysm that is Stephen’s death, much like in other well-performed dramas of recent years, sends the family into disarray; factions form, tensions rise, and the future of the company, and the family, are on the line.

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‘riches’ is a Juicily Fun Family-empire Soap: Tv Review

The nighttime soap opera, with its heightened rivalries and opulent trappings, may be out of favor on broadcast television right now.

There hasn’t been a new show with comparable vivid ambition or such a shameless desire to thrill in the years since “Empire.”

What is Riches on Prime Video about?

As a result, there is now a market for streamers. Earlier this year, the Kerry Washington-produced Hulu series “Reasonable Doubt” made a case for itself as a potential “Scandal” replacement, with its careening defense attorney protagonist taking viewers on a rollickingly dramatic ride.

And now, on Amazon Prime Video, is the series “Riches,” created by Abby Ajayi, who previously worked as a writer on “How to Get Away With Murder” and “Inventing Anna.” Ajayi’s new series combines a keenly observed family dynamic with the high-stepping verve of the genre’s best.

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The loss of patriarch Stephen has thrown the aptly named Richards family — those first four letters suggestive of their wealth — into disarray (Hugh Quarshie). As in “Empire” or “Succession,” the family fortune, in the form of a thriving cosmetics business floridly named Flair and Glory, serves as the engine of both money and sibling rivalry.

When Stephen’s American-raised children arrive in the United Kingdom to see what might have been left to them, enmity and rage bloom even before the will is read.

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