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Who Was B Mickey in Bmf and is B-mickie a Real Person?

BMF is the latest show from executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and writer/executive producer Randy Huggins to air on Starz on Sunday (September 26).

The show is based on the true story of brothers Demetrius Flenory, also known as “Big Meech,” and Terry Flenory, also known as “Southwest T,” who grew up on the streets of Detroit and started the most famous drug distribution network in the US.

The show looks at the beginnings of their drug empire and the problems they had with rival gangs and family fights. Here’s a look at the Flenory family members in Starz’s BMF and who plays them.

The Real B-Mickie from the BMF

B-Mickie is one of the main characters of BMF. Even though the show is based on real events, it is not clear whether or not this character existed. On the show, the character is played by Myles Truitt.

who is b mickie based on
who is b mickie based on

At the age of 11, Myles Truitt became interested in acting. In The New Edition Story, he makes his acting debut as a young Ronnie DeVoe. He kept doing small roles on TV until he got his first big movie role in Kin.

He got the role of Ant in Queen Sugar and played Issa Williams in Black Lightning. Truitt had never heard of the comic book character before he showed up in the show, but he became interested in him later.

B-Mickie is the third member of Meech and Terry’s drug crew who has been there from the start. In the popular STARZ show, the role is played by Myles Truitt.

B-Mickie is the third OG in Meech and Terry’s drug gang. But he’s getting tired of doing what the Flenorys want, especially when he thinks he could do a better job, which causes constant trouble. He’s a laid-back stoner who talks about philosophy and does what he wants.


What Happened to the Character B-Mickie From Bmf?

The character of B-Mickie is still in the early stages of growth. He was last seen with Kato right after they got out of bed. Meech sends her a message telling her to come to her house right away.

Meech and Tee asked her to watch over Zoey while they finished making plans. When Lamar calls Kato to tell her that the BMF brothers have taken his daughter, she lies when he asks if she knows anything.

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