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Who Is Creed Mckinnon? Age , Instagram , Tiktok , Job!

Because the contestants from the continent are seriously built differently, Netflix should produce an Australian episode of Too Hot to Handle. Georgia Hassarati stole the show last season. But it’s none other than Creed McKinnon in the highly anticipated fourth season!

The Australian lad is as good as it gets, resembling a Ken doll. However, this Netflix reality star is much more than his good looks, as he is also a softie at heart.

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Like you, we’re curious whether Creed’s wearing his heart on his sleeve will help or hinder his game. But, while we wait to see if he was able to resist temptation in order to win the grand prize, let’s take a look at Creed McKinnon.

Creed Mckinnon Age

Creed McKinnon is 24 years old right now.

Too Hot to Handle Creed Mckinnon Age, Instagram, Tiktok, Job, and More

He is originally from Perth, Australia, but is willing to travel the world in search of a partner who makes his heart skip a beat.

Creed Mckinnon Instagram

Creed’s Instagram, @creedmckinnon, has 34,000 followers. His fans remember him best for his magazine-worthy films and his incredible sense of style. We believe you’ll come to love him because of the heartfelt posts he leaves for his self-proclaimed soulmate, Taleah.

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Creed and Taleah are currently in the friend zone, which could explain why he isn’t quite ready to settle down.

Perhaps he’ll compose poetic Instagram messages for a Too Hot to Handle season 4 cast member. To find out, follow his Instagram (and Twitter) accounts!

Creed Mckinnon Tiktok

Creed’s Instagram is impressive, but it’s clear that TikTok is where this Netflix star shines, as he has 189,300 followers on the platform.

His account, @creedmckinnon, is full of hilarious videos that we can all relate to. As a result, in addition to his many followers, he has received a large number of likes on his videos—7.9 million to be exact.

Creed Mckinnon Job

Creed works as a co-founder of Versaware Technologies when he’s not flexing for the camera or taking long walks on the beach.

His company’s goal is to make healthy eating easier by counting calories and calculating serving sizes. And with an idea this brilliant, you can bet he’s helped a lot of people on their wellness journey!

Too Hot to Handle Creed Mckinnon Age, Instagram, Tiktok, Job, and More

Creed McKinnon’s life outside of Too Hot to Handle is admirable, but will we be able to say the same about his time inside the house? Find out by watching Too Hot to Handle season 4 on Netflix.

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