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Is Kirk Hammett Gay? The Lead Guitarist of Metal Band ‘Metallica’ Was Spotted Kissing Other Band Members!

Kirk Hammett is an American musician who joined the heavy metal band Metallica in 1983 as the lead guitarist and writer. Before he joined Metallica, he put together a band and called it Exodus.

In 2003, Rolling Stone put Hammett at number 11 on its list of the 100 best guitarists of all time. In 2009, Joel McIver’s book The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists put Hammett at number 15.

Early Years and Education

Is Kirk Hammett Gay

Kirk Lee Hammett was born in San Francisco, California, on November 18, 1962. He grew up in the town of El Sobrante. He is the son of Teofila “Chefela,” who was born Oyao, and Dennis L. Hammett (a Merchant Mariner).

His mother is from the Philippines, and his father came from England, Germany, Scotland, and Ireland. He went to high school in Richmond, California, at De Anza High School. He met Les Claypool of Primus when he was in high school at De Anza. They are still good friends.

Hammett has been interested in horror movies since the late 1960s, and this is well known. Hammett’s parents put him in front of the TV after he hurt his arm in a fight with his sister when he was five.

During this time, he saw The Day of the Triffids for the first time. After that, Hammett was drawn to his brother’s Frankenstein toys, and he soon started buying horror magazines with his milk money. For most of the next 10 years, Hammett was very involved in the horror scene.

Hammett became interested in music after hearing about his brother Rick’s huge collection of records (which included Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and UFO). He sold his horror magazines to buy music records, which led him to start playing the guitar for real when he was 15 years old.

Hammett’s first guitar was a “Wholly Unglamorous” Montgomery Ward catalog special that came with a 4-inch speaker in a shoebox as an amplifier. After buying a copy of a 1978 Fender Stratocaster, Hammett tried to change the sound of the guitar with different parts before buying a 1974 Gibson Flying V.

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Is Kirk Hammett Gay?

Is Kirk Hammett Gay

No, Kirk Hammett is Not Gay and His Sexual Orientation is Straight. Over the years, some evidence has come to light that Kirk is gay. Among these are gay porn themes in the band The Black Album (Metallica).

Also, photos have been taken of drummer Lars Ulrich kissing other band members, mostly on the cheek but also with his tongue out. Kirk seems to be the one who is most at ease with the poses. Ulrich, On The Other Hand, Says That It’s All a Joke and That Hammett Hasn’t Said Or Done Anything To Prove The Rumors.

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Is Kirk Hammett Married?

Is Kirk Hammett Gay
Kirk Hammett and Lani Hammett

Kirk Hammet has been in many relationships, but he has only gotten married twice. In 1987, he married Rebecca, who was his first wife. In 1990, after three years of marriage, they broke up. This happened while Metallica was making their fifth album, which was called “Metallica.”

In 1998, he married Lani, who was his second wife. This turned out to be a better match, and they have been together ever since. Kirk and Lani are the parents of two kids. Angel, his first son, was born in September 2006, and Vincenzo, his second son, in June 2008.

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