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How To Watch The Traitors: Everything You Need To Know So Far!

Traitors is a British television drama miniseries created by Bathsheba Doran that premiered in 2019 on Channel 4 and Netflix.

Traitors are set in 1945 London, after World War II, and follows a young woman hired by the American Office of Strategic Services to identify a Soviet spy in the Cabinet Office.

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The Traitors Release Date

The Traitors is a 12-part series that airs on BBC One in the United Kingdom and Peacock in the United States. The next episode will be broadcast on Thursday, December 15.

How To Watch The Traitors

Alan Cumming hosts the US version of The Traitors, which features reality stars, civilians, and celebrity contestants. It will premiere on January 12, 2023, and all episodes will be released on that date.

Full Cast of Bbc One’s the Traitors Contestants


Aaron is a 24-year-old Portsmouth real estate agent. Aaron hopes that his background in sales will allow him to read people’s body language and personalities well.


Aisha is a 23-year-old Masters’s graduate from Manchester. She believes that because of her impeccable poker face, the other contestants will not suspect her of being the traitor.


Alex is a 26-year-old London-based presenter and actor. She sees her outgoing and adventurous personality as a key to her success in the competition.


Amanda, a Swansea-based estate agent, is 54 years old. She hopes to be a good ambassador for women over 50, and she believes her age will help her read between the lines.
How To Watch The Traitors


Hannah is a 32-year-old comedian from London. Hannah enjoys the idea of playing a different character and believes her humor will fool a few contestants.
The Traitors — How It Works

The Traitors see contestants move into a majestic castle in the Scottish Highlands and work as a team to complete a series of dramatic and challenging missions to earn money for the prize pot.

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However, three of the contestants are secretly traitors who will attempt to deceive and manipulate their way to the prize by eliminating “loyal” contestants. Can all of the traitors be unmasked in time?

It’s a tense psychological game in which players must decide who they can trust. In each episode, the players collaborate to complete spectacular physical and mental missions. If they are successful, they contribute to a prize pool worth up to £120,000.

But to win the prize pot, players must survive to the end of the game – they must avoid being ‘murdered’ or ‘banished’.

Claudia Winkleman secretly chooses a small group of players to be The Traitors at the start of the game. The remaining players are referred to as “The Faithful,” and none of The Faithful are aware of who The Traitors are.

How To Watch The Traitors

Players are eliminated in one of two ways: each night, The Traitors meet in secret and decide to murder one of The Faithful, and the next morning, when the group gathers for breakfast, the murdered player is missing.

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Later in the day, all of the players gather at the ‘Round Table,’ where they decide to ‘banish’ a player they suspect of being a Traitor. Whoever they choose will reveal whether they are a traitor or a faithful.

At the end of the game, the few remaining players will share the prize pot if they are all Faithful, but if there is still a Traitor among them, the Traitor will receive the entire prize money.

Is There a Trailer for the Traitors?

The BBC has released a trailer for The Traitors. ‘We were all traitors, mate!’ exclaims one contestant. Take a look below…

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