Is Adam Dimarco Gay? Why He Was Wearing a Red Scarf and a Flowery Handbag at The Met Gala?

Is Adam Dimarco Gay

Adam DiMarco is an actor who is from Canada. He has had recurring roles on The Magicians on Syfy (2016–2020) and The Order on Netflix (2019–2020). In 2022, he played a young man named Albie Di Grasso on the HBO show The White Lotus. Di Grasso was naive.

Early Years and Education

Is Adam Dimarco Gay

Adam DiMarco was born in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, in 1990. He is half-Italian, according to reports. He started acting in stage plays when he was in elementary school. DiMarco went to McMaster University for a year to study life sciences but then dropped out. He moved to Vancouver because he was unhappy. There, he went to Vancouver Film School to study acting.

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Is Adam DiMarco Gay?

Is Adam Dimarco Gay

No, Adam DiMarco is Not Gay and His Sexual Orientation is Straight. In 2019, when the Canadian star Adam DiMarco wore a red scarf and carried a flowery handbag to the Met Gala, rumors started to spread that he was gay. Because of this, a lot of people made assumptions about Adam’s sexuality and said he was either gay or bisexual.

Adam told them that he wasn’t gay in response to these claims. He also said that his outfit was just right for the theme of the Met Gala. He also said that, even though he is straight, he respects the LGBTQ community.

There have been rumors about a relationship between DiMarco and Sarah Grey, as well as between the actor and his co-star on The Magicians, Kacey Rohl. But the actor hasn’t said anything about these rumors. He doesn’t seem to be going out with anyone at the moment.

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Is Adam DiMarco Dating Someone in 2022?

Is Adam Dimarco Gay

There are pictures of the actor getting very close to a number of women on VergeWiki and on a number of Adam DiMarco fan Tumblr accounts. It’s clear that some of these pictures used to be on his Instagram, but they’ve been deleted.

Adam DiMarco told What She Said in an interview in February 2021 that he and actor Sydney Scotia started dating around the time the COVID-19 pandemic started. They worked together on Recess: Third Street, and after that, it’s clear that they became close.

Like many other couples, DiMarco and Scotia got closer because of the pandemic, and they were even asked to play a couple in the Crave original series Pillow Talk. DiMarco and Scotia dated for a while, but it’s very, very unlikely that they’re still together. There isn’t much else to show that they knew each other, and neither of them follows the other on Instagram, which is a sure sign that things went bad.

All signs point to Adam DiMarco not being in a relationship at the moment.

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Is Adam DiMarco Like Albie On The White Lotus?

Is Adam Dimarco Gay

Adam DiMarco told GQ in an interview that when he read the script for Albie Di Grasso, he saw parts of himself in the character. And it’s clear that creator Mike White also saw these links. DiMarco says that White even though he was in character when he went to a meeting. He was just being himself, though.

“We’re both half-Italian on the surface. Our names are strangely alike. He is said to be a sweet and nice boy, “DiMarco told GQ about how he was related to Albie. “And I’m from Canada, which is known for being “nice.” I think we might not be as mean as other people.”

Many of his fans might wonder if Adam DiMarco has some of Albie’s “good guy” qualities. This is what he said about it…

“I mean, on a deeper level, who doesn’t like it when things are calm?” DiMarco said. “One of my goals in life has always been to find peace. I can’t say that I want to be happy every day of my life. But every day you can find peace.”

Some people might not like some of these traits, but The White Lotus, like Haley Lu Richardson’s Portia, shows the good and bad sides of Albie’s soft side. DiMarco thinks that Albie is almost certainly trying too hard to make up for the way his father and grandfather treated women.

“He’s almost gone too far in trying to fix things or make up for something. I think he sees his father Michael Imperioli and his grandfather F. Murray Abraham as the other end of a pendulum, and he’s trying to swing it back in a big way “DiMarco admitted.

“It’s just made him very headstrong, and as a result, he overthinks a lot of things. We’re all more like our parents than we realize, so I think he’s going against his nature, which must be stressful.”

DiMarco thinks that Albie being so nice can be a good thing, but he also sees the bad side of it. During his interview with GQ, DiMarco was asked if Albie is bad at love or if he’s been looking for the wrong kind of person. His answer might show how he really deals with love in his own life.

Adam DiMarco told GQ, “I think both,” when asked about Albie having a “Little Game” and going after the wrong person. “But he is pretty smart. His plan is to be the only choice. He just “doesn’t get the heart rate up,” as Portia puts it.

I think that’s because he’s so focused on himself and what he’s doing and making sure he doesn’t offend anyone that he’s not really aware of what the other person might want at that moment. Portia just wants to be “thrown around” by a hot Italian guy, as she says. And sometimes it’s fine to do that without first being very careful.”


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